"A Drop of Love for My School" will intervene 30 schools in Monagas

The campus was beautified with the application of paint in internal and external areas

Before the next start of face-to-face classes in the Venezuelan educational system, the Minister of Popular Power for Education, Yelitze Santaella, reported that a total of 500 schools and high schools will be intervened through the plan "A Drop of Love for my School." nationwide, in a first phase, of which 30 were selected in Monagas state.

This was said this Monday by Minister Santaella from the Manola Luna Silva Basic School of the Alto de Los Godos parish in Maturín, during the activation of this flagship program led by President Nicolás Maduro for the 2021-2022 school period. 

As part of this program, the educational campus was beautified with the application of paint in internal and external areas, the waterproofing of the roof with the placement of asphalt blanket, the provision of cleaning material, weeding of external areas and execution of the recovery plan of desks and table-chairs with the support of social movements. 

During the activity, a meeting was held with the teaching, administrative and environmental staff of the education sector of the Monaco region, where they also attended: the Vice Minister of Education Rosángela Orozco, the governor (e) Cosme Arzolay and head of the Educational Zone in the state , Yesenia Lara. 

For her part, Lara pointed out that with this rehabilitation plan the 936 schools in Monagas will be served, starting in the Negra Matea educational circuit and simultaneously addressing the Guerra and Millán circuits, which are made up of educational institutions such as: La Paula Bastardo, República from Uruguay and Vicente Salías.

For the love of my teacher

Santaella also announced the activation of the "For the Love of My Teacher" program, which consists of providing health care to educational, administrative and environmental personnel, with ophthalmological conferences, where corrective lenses are delivered, and the application of vaccines against covid-19.

Indicó que desde el MPPE se apoyará con ayudas técnicas en materia de salud al sector educativo, como muestra de compromiso y lealtad al trabajo que vienen desarrollando desde sus casas con la integración maestro-comunidad en la  aplicación del plan «Cada Familia una Escuela”. 

In this way, from the Manola Luna Silva school, 300 people were favored this Monday with the day of medical and social care for the personnel of the Ministry of Education.

This Monday, 300 people were favored with the day of medical and social care for the staff
of the Ministry of Education


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