Zero Malaria Plan served 480 families in Altos de Soapire

Some 480 families from the Altos de Soapire sector in Santa Lucía del Tuy, Miranda state, have benefited from the “Zero Malaria” Plan, which was activated earlier this month by the Regional Directorate of Environmental Health and the Mayor's Office of the Paz municipality Castle in Valles del Tuy.

Mayor Erik Lovera Varguilla reported that Altos de Soapire is the territorial axis where the presence of the Plasmodium parasite and transmission of the malaria disease have been confirmed by the bite of infected mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles. 

He asserted that given the epidemiological alert, a multidisciplinary team of the comprehensive health, epidemiology and Civil Protection system Paz Castillo has been deployed in these communities. The local president recalled that three satellite posts were activated in the aforementioned territorial axis.

One at the Comacatuy clinics in the Los Caracas Tuy urbanization, another at the “Rompiendo Cadenas” Socialist Missions Base in the El Esfuerzo sector and the third at the CDI in El Rosario de Soapire. He stressed that each office was equipped with 100 rapid tests diagnostic and medical material to perform the thick blood smear examination, which will facilitate the confirmation or ruling out of malaria. 

"Our objective is to guarantee the public health of the Lucitean people, as Governor Héctor Rodríguez has instructed, that is why we started the Zero Malaria Plan to control and eradicate the disease throughout the municipality," said Lovera Varguilla.

Meanwhile, Elirrod Silva, secretary of the Social Area in the jurisdiction, explained that in the protection phase, the abatement of the containers that serve as water storage was carried out.

"The action benefited 480 families from the point and circle of the Altos de Soapire territorial axis," he said. During the deployment, health personnel carried out a comprehensive health operation in the Manguito VI community and its point and circle. They treated 285 children and adolescents, as well as more than 100 adults screened for covid-19 and malaria.

Likewise, they applied the respective immunizations for infants and adults. Silva revealed that in the coming days the multidisciplinary team will be deployed in other neighboring sectors. At the same time, he insisted on the population to comply with the safety and cleanliness measures for the prevention of malaria.



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