Yaracuyan Parliament installed permanent commissions

The state legislature declares itself in a permanent forum. Photo: courtesy Cley

The Legislative Council of Yaracuy State (Cley) formed the permanent commissions that will work in the various areas that
develops this instance in the state, at the same time that it was declared in an open forum to attend to social movements, as reported that Thursday by a press bulletin of the institution.

The president of the state parliament, Joel Pérez, reported that the permanent commissions were made up of the following: Committee on the Board and Policy, which was chaired by Joel Pérez; Finance and Labor Affairs, will be chaired by Víctor Patrizzi; and Comptroller Services and Public Works, by Shirley Romero.

Meanwhile, the Education, Culture and Sports Commission, is chaired by Neidy Liscano; Health, Justice, Peace and Social Security, is in charge of Víctor Patrizzi; that of Agriculture and Industry will be represented by Fernando Oliveros.

Finally, the Environment and Water Commissions will be chaired by Ángel Gamarra, and that of Popular Power, Communes and Social Movements, Iván Aparicio.

Likewise, Pérez explained that the state legislature declares itself in a permanent forum to attend to social movements to share projects and plans in order to improve the conditions of all.

This Thursday the first meeting was held with a forum on the life of Ezequiel Zamora, held at the headquarters of the Cley, in which
debated his contribution to local and national history. Similar events will be held every 15 days in the Legislative Palace.