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Yaracuyan avocado growers organize to optimize production

With the support of the Government, producers will redouble their efforts to improve the quality of the fruits and raise them to export levels.

The Yaracuy state government promotes the organization of avocado producers to improve production and bring those harvested in the entity to export levels.

The Secretary of Economic Development of the Government, Rafael Morales, met this weekend with the avocado producers of the Campo Elías parish, Bruzual municipality, where there is a high percentage of field workers who are dedicated to the cultivation of this item. .

The official, accompanied by the mayor of Bruzual, Carlos González, spoke with about 40 avocado producers in the area, to make a preliminary diagnosis of the situation, analyze possible solutions, evaluate the plantations and plan the immediate actions to be developed.

Morales said that the Government is meeting with avocado growers from the 14 municipalities of the entity to ensure that the product can be considered a viable, feasible and technically sustainable business over time.

In the meetings, producers present their needs and ideas to move forward, while representatives of the regional government analyze solutions in terms of technical assistance, credit support and delivery of materials, fertilizers and inputs.

The creation of an avocado corporation is organized

He indicated that the plan is to improve production and take the avocado to a higher level in a more productive economy, in which they stop being just suppliers of raw materials and move on to a new stage of producing finished products.

“We envision an effective organization that takes us to a more participatory business level that includes the consequent creation of the Yaracuy Aguacate Corporation, with the prominence of the avocado growers themselves,” he stressed.

In this regard, he explained that the organization of the corporation is advancing at a steady pace, for now it could be formally established to begin operating in the harvesting of avocados and their subsequent distribution.

He indicated that there are more than 600 producers throughout the state and many more have yet to register. “We are just beginning the census and we know that this number is going to grow much more”

He also mentioned that when the registry is completed and all municipalities are organized, support for avocado plantations will be accentuated to improve production and achieve the quality standards demanded by international markets.

He added that there are 40 thousand tons of avocados per year, which can satisfy local demand and the surplus can be exported to Europe and Asia, where they are in great demand.

Fully integrated municipalities

For his part, Mayor Carlos González said that with the support of the taxes paid by the commercial sector to create a fund to support avocado producers in different areas: technical assistance, delivery of fertilizers and inputs and mechanization, among others.

In this sense, he mentioned that to create the fund, an incentive plan for economic activity will be implemented, which implies a reduction from 1,5% to 1% of the commercial tax.

The local leader explained that in his municipality there are 590 wineries and small merchants who will be invited to update their tax commitments to establish the aforementioned fund. It is expected to allocate about 8 thousand dollars a month from the contributions raised to it.

Finally, González highlighted that avocado producers will have full financial support from the mayor's office to advance in the consolidation of the sector.

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