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Water treatment plant paralyzed after gasoline pipeline explosion

The Hidrológica del Caribe (Hidrocaribe) announced the stoppage of the José Antonio Anzoátegui water treatment plant, which supplies 85% of the communities of Barcelona, ​​"to protect the operation of the equipment and process units, due to the fuel spill in the river Neverí product of the explosion in a pipe in the parish of Naricual of the Simón Bolívar municipality ”.

The emergency stop was announced on social media shortly after 11 p.m. on Tuesday, January XNUMX.

The publication also indicates that “the Hidrocaribe team in synergy with the Anzoátegui State Government, the Security Forces and Civil Protection officials, are carrying out the necessary corrections to activate the raw water catchment area of ​​the plant, in order to to solve the situation as soon as possible ”.

Preliminary: A single wounded man and a charred car

According to the preliminary report by the authorities, issued around midnight on Tuesday, a 28-year-old man is the only one injured as a result of the explosion and subsequent fire in the fuel line of the PDVSA pipeline, located in the rural area of ​​Barcelona.

The victim, identified as Eduardo José Urrieta, was passing by the scene of the accident driving a Chevrolet vehicle, Century model with AB443XK plates, when he was hit by the flames. The car was burned and he entered the Luis Razetti University Hospital with serious burns in 80% of the body surface.

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Sugey Herrera, indicated that she confirms with the authorities the report made by residents of Naricual of two missing persons, in the sector of the event.

Damage to other vehicles and some nearby homes have not been reported by officials of the integrated Civil Protection and Firefighters system, they only reported the preventive eviction carried out at night in nearby communities.

Users of social networks indicate that the flames of less intensity continued this Wednesday the 12th at the scene of the event, a few meters from the large iron bridge on the road to that community.