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HomeLifeVenezuelan obtains award as Revelation Pastry Chef 2022 of Spain

Venezuelan obtains award as Revelation Pastry Chef 2022 of Spain

Venezuelan flavors arrive at Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España 2022

The young Venezuelan chef Angélica Locantore is the winner of the second prize for Master Pastry Chef Revelation 2022 in Spain at the 2022th edition of the Madrid Fusión Pastry 28 Contest, which is held in the city of Madrid from March 30 to XNUMX.

Locantore, head of the Panem pastry shop, one of the most praised bakeries in Madrid, charmed the jury with a dessert that she baptized La Perla and in which she concentrated exquisite Venezuelan flavors.

“The dessert is a sphere of sugar blown by hand, it is a technique that requires a lot of knowledge and practice. At the base it had our coquitos, lime gel and pineapple osmotized in Malibu. Inside a coconut foam, coconut and lime sorbet, mango sautéed with rum and pineapple. And around an air of Malibu ”, details Locantore.

Locantore presented La Perla dessert with a coconut, pineapple, lime, mango and rum flavor

“The name I wanted to give her was Margarita, the pearl of the Caribbean. What happens is that the dessert was sent anonymously and it was going to be very obvious that it was mine, because I was the only foreigner and also Caribbean, so I called it La Perla and it is inspired by the pearls that were obtained on the island of Margarita” , explains the Venezuelan, still excited by this experience that adds to her outstanding career.

The Venezuelan dedicates the award to her parents and to the island of Margarita

Locantore dedicates this award to his parents “who met in Puerto la Cruz, at the UDO (Universidad de Oriente). My dad is Italian and my mom is from the East. And she dedicated it to the island of Margarita ”, she expresses, proud of her roots.

As for how their participation went, they said that they had an hour to prepare the dessert and that, due to the cooling times that some sweets require, they were allowed to bring some ready-made preparations. "Then I did the mise en place (organizing ingredients) to simply finish some detail and plate."

The order in which the pastry creations were presented was random and she was the first to go up to the Madrid Fusión podium, while the presenters narrated the description of the recipe that the participants had previously sent by mail with the name of the dessert.

“It is inevitable to associate the flavor and aroma of coconut with the sea, freedom and travel”, says Locantore when referring to La Perla.

Locantore is a woman from Caracas who has been in love with cooking since she was a teenager. She studied Hospitality and Pastry at the Hoffman School in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and did her internship at El Celler de Can Roca and at Michel Bras in France. In Ghent, Belgium, she was in charge of the Marijn Coertjens pastry and chocolate shop.

The Revelation Pastry Chef award was disputed among six finalists, previously selected by the jury assessing the originality and technical perfection of their desserts.

The winner of this V Edition of the Revelation Pastry Master is the Valencian chef Ausiàs Signes, head pastry chef at the Tatau Bistro restaurant (in Huesca and with a Michelin star), who presented a pear dessert accompanied by subtle nuances of yeast, flavors of fermented and bread.

The third prize went to the young Mariana Rey, from the Hard Rock Hotel-Restaurant (Ibiza) with Winter, a version of tiramisu where the base flavors are mascarpone, chocolate, coffee, tonka bean and hazelnut.

The group of finalists is made up of Diego Trillo & Noelia Quintán from the Pandejuevo patisserie (Cee, A Coruña), Kibsaim Kibi Lugo, from the Casa Romántica restaurant (Gran Canaria) and Ander Rodríguez, from Narru (San Sebastián).

The Revelation Pastry Master award seeks to recognize the great work that these young confectionery artists carry out daily in Spain and that in this V edition the second place was in the hands of a Venezuelan.

Síbari Food Service is the sponsor of the 2022 Madrid Fusion Food Revelation Pastry Chef Award from Spain.