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Venezuelan murdered for alleged settling of scores in Colombia

The 30-year-old Venezuelan lived in Cúcuta and authorities say he had a criminal record

In an alleged settling of accounts, a Venezuelan identified as Cristian Alejandro Pueblo Delgado was murdered in the upper part of the Los Alpes neighborhood of Cúcuta, Colombia.

The information outlined by Colombian media indicates that, according to the authorities and the inhabitants of the sector, this fact occurs in the midst of settling accounts for micro-trafficking.

The Venezuelan of at least 30 years lived alone in the Los Alpes sector, according to judicial investigators.

They also point out that Cristian Alejandro was indicted this year for the crime of manufacturing, trafficking or carrying drugs and had also reported a kidnapping in 2010.

Colombian police authorities are also investigating the murder of two Venezuelan barbers in the department of Arauca last Sunday, June 12.

The president of the Special Commission to Investigate Crimes against Venezuelan Migrants of the National Assembly (AN), deputy Julio Chavez, notes that between 2016 and 2021, 611 environmentalists, 276 signers of the peace agreements, 753 social leaders and 1.279 Venezuelan migrants have been murdered in Colombia.

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