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Venezuela receives Iranian-made oil tanker

This ship, the second delivered by Iran to the state-owned PDVSA, has a capacity for 800.000 barrels of oil

Venezuela received this Saturday the Iranian-made tanker Yoraco, as part of the oil agreements signed between Caracas and Tehran.

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, together with his Iranian counterpart, Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, witnessed by videoconference from the Yenan room of the Saad Abad Complex, in Tehran, the delivery of the Aframax type ship by the Persian Gulf oil company.

The Venezuelan president highlighted that the "Yoraco" tanker, which was built by the Persian company Sadra, has a capacity to transport 800.000 barrels of oil.

"This plan to build ships for our PDVSA oil industry was a plan by Commander Chavez to strengthen our oil industry and make it independent from any imperial aggression," he said during the joint statement.

Maduro stressed that this delivery demonstrates the "industrial capacity of the Islamic Republic of Iran," something he said is "truly admirable."

This ship is the second of four oil tankers agreed by Caracas and Tehran, within the framework of the bilateral agreements they signed in recent years.

"Iran is one of the emerging powers of the XNUMXst century and here is its practical and concrete demonstration," said the head of state, who announced that next year Venezuela will receive the third ship.

Delivery of the fourth vessel, he said, is scheduled for 2024.

Effective cooperation between Caracas and Tehran

Iranian President Seyed Ebrahim Raisi celebrated the delivery of the ship and thanked the authorities and "experts from the Iranian company Sadra for the preparation and manufacture of this ship."

"It is a great joy for me that during the visit of His Excellency President Maduro, this ship is officially handed over to the sister country and friend Venezuela," he said.

He welcomed the fact that this delivery was made in the conditions of "unjust sanctions" and aggression in which Iran and Venezuela find themselves, and affirmed that the ship shows the "great capacity that exists for the export of technical and engineering services" of his nation and of "effective cooperation between the two countries".

He said that in addition to contributing to the "sovereignty and independence in maritime transport" of Venezuela, it also demonstrates "the firm revolutionary will of both governments to remain stronger than ever despite US sanctions and limitations."

Earlier, Maduro and Ebrahim Raisi signed new agreements of cooperation in energy areas, tourism and agriculture, among others.

Iran is the third stop on the Eurasian tour carried out by President Nicolás Maduro. He was previously in Türkiye and Algeria, where it also signed cooperation agreements in several areas.

Venezuela has signed more than 250 cooperation documents with Iran throughout its diplomatic relations.

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