Venezuela denounces "grotesque imbalance" in vaccine distribution

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister claimed the falsity of the content of an article published two months ago

The Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, participated this Friday in the Special Meeting of the United Nations Economic and Social Council to seek equitable access to vaccines to combat the coronavirus.

In the telematic appointment, the senior diplomat expressed Venezuela's desire that the countries plan a coordinated response to the pandemic within the framework of inclusive multilateralism. In this sense, he said that "the vaccine is the spearhead in the global effort to defeat the pandemic."

Arreaza regretted that some countries and companies are giving vaccines a commercial treatment, while infections and deaths from covid-19 continue around the world. «The vaccine must be a Universal Public Good, under affordable, equitable and transparent production and distribution processes. That vaccines are a commodity is anti-human, it is criminal, "said the chancellor.

At the meeting, the Venezuelan representative recognized the efforts of the United Nations and the leadership of the World Health Organization to address the emergency and support developing countries. "We support the Global Access Fund for Vaccines COVAX in order to make access more equitable," he said.

He took the opportunity to denounce the existing imbalance in the distribution of vaccines, in which he has more than he can pay to the detriment of other nations that also suffer from the pandemic. "It is worrying in the context of this global health crisis, the grotesque imbalance in the distribution of vaccines worldwide."

Arreaza denounced the "irresponsibility of some States, which, by not fighting the coronavirus, have put at risk global efforts to mitigate and immunize against this dangerous virus."

In that sense, he criticized the lack of action by the Brazilian Government to contain the virus in its territory, which is why Venezuela is being severely affected. "Venezuela directly suffers today the consequences of the negligence of the Government of Brazil, having to face the Brazilian variables P1 and P2 that circulate in the territory."

He also took the opportunity to remember how uphill the fight against the pandemic is in the midst of an economic blockade. "The imposition of illegal unilateral coercive measures undermines national efforts to confront the pandemic and hinders the country's access to necessary medicines, supplies and vaccines."



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