Urban farmers highlight the use of the petro as a cryptosovereign unit

The spokesperson for Urban Agriculture of Caracas, made this Wednesday a series of proposals for the execution of the Great AgroVenezuela Mission, in a Productive Meeting with the Peasant Sector that was carried out by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

The meeting carried out by videoconference had the participation of the Caracas spokesperson, where it is considered "Reactivate the Great AgroVenezuela Mission and make it a constitutional law, this constitutes a strategic step to ensure national production as an element against war and blockade ”.

Currently, Venezuela has 46 thousand active Communal Councils throughout its territory, of which 25 thousand have families of urban agriculture, where the popular power is already marching with the communes and the Claps, "Becoming the new institutionality in the face of this crisis, which has made it possible to understand the importance of peasants and agricultural urban producers, ”added the spokesperson.

The urban farmers of Caracas also proposed submitting a request for the creation of a "Peasant Vice Presidency", and indicated that "they are organized and will integrate each of the spokesmen in the electoral command to promote the National Assembly, in order to recover the political power of the legislative branch ”.

The spokesperson also highlighted the use of the Petro as a crypto-sovereign account unit, requesting the Chief Executive, “that in order for it to be declared as a monetary unit, it is necessary for Pequiven to organize and generate administrative mechanisms so that the mission's productive chain can move forward and the use of Petro is effective ”.

"We need to land the proposal, the Pequiven issue, the use of the method to finance production and pay for harvests," added President Nicolás Maduro to the proposal, thus calling on the Minister of Agriculture and Lands, Wilmar Castro Soteldo to reconfigure the new vertices of the AgroVenezuela Mission. / AVN



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