University sector receives second dose of Chinese vaccine in La Guaira

Around 1.796 university education workers from La Guaira received the second dose of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine to complete their immunization schedule against covid-19, with a view to starting face-to-face classes on October 25.

The vaccination against covid-19 will be until next Wednesday at the Maritime University of the Caribbean, Catia La Mar parish, which is the only center enabled for university personnel, where the eleven universities, which make life in La Guaira, are summoned,

This day marks the beginning of the university school calendar, where municipalized centers, agreements and programs work on biosafety in their training activities and the return to the face-to-face modality.

"The propaedeutics and sections of classes, we started them online to give continuity to the classes," said Jhonar Corro, coordinator of the municipalized programs of the Bolivarian University of La Guaira, who stressed that the pedagogical advice on the project will be face-to-face, under the coordination of each university village.

Universities such as the Caribbean Maritime (UMC), National Experimental Security (UNES) and Health Sciences, maintain a semi-main regime, under a controlled capacity of up to 20 students per section, only for practices or special training, due to the complexity of their careers.

«The challenge is to combine the times between work, classes and the internet connection; We already do everything from the cell phone but the data or signal is bad ”, expressed Gladys Liendo, a UMC student, when she went to the study house to validate her registration.



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