Trump Signs "Unprecedented" Executions Before Leaving Power

Trump is the only president to trigger executions within days of his departure from the porder. Photo Archive

"The Trump Administration plans to execute three people who are on death row, culminating an unprecedented six-month wave of executions," the US portal Huffington Post reported on Monday while explaining that the executions will be carried out until 15 December. January, five days before the Republican leader leaves the White House.

What is shocking is, the American newspaper details, that those convicted include a woman who suffers from an untreated mental illness at the time of her crime, a man with a mental disability that "makes him ineligible for execution" and a man who does not pulled the trigger on the murder for which he was convicted.

What's more, two of the people on death row, named Corey Johnson and Dustin Higgs, last December tested positive for the new coronavirus, which causes COVID-19 and still have symptoms, the Huffington Post indicates, and then adds that the lung damage caused by the disease will make their deaths from lethal injection even more painful, "Basically, they will submerge them to death, they will drown them," said Shawn Nolan, one of Higgs's attorneys.

The outgoing US president will become the only president in history to carry out federal executions during the "lame duck" period.

Autopsy reports show that the US execution protocol, a lethal injection of pentobarbital, tortures while killing, even healthy people. When used in executions, the drug often causes a condition called pulmonary edema, where fluid enters the lungs at times when the person is still conscious, creating a painful sensation similar to suffocation or drowning.

This order from Trump comes to light as, following the violent riots of supporters of the still president in the US Capitol, many leaders, senators and congressmen of different political parties seek a way to the immediate removal of the tycoon.

To purportedly bring justice to crime victims, Trump reactivated federal executions in 2019, sparking a wave of criticism. For his part, the president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, pledged to work to pass legislation that eliminates capital punishment at the federal level.