Trump flirts with running in 2024 on his return to the scene

The former US president ruled out the possibility of forming a new political party

Donald Trump is back: for the first time since leaving the White House, the former president said he can run again for the presidency of the United States in 2024, and assured that the survival of the country depends on the conservatives.

The 74-year-old politician gave a long-awaited speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), held in Orlando, Florida (southeast).

There, Trump was determined to regain control of the displaced Republican Party, and although he flirted with the possibility of another presidential candidacy, he left open the doubt.

"You actually know they just lost the White House," Trump said of the Democrats, again promoting the falsehood that he was denied a second term due to election fraud.

"But who knows, who knows?" He yelled. "I can even decide to beat them for the third time," he harangued and pointed out that the future of the country depends on the conservatives.

“We are in a fight for the survival of the United States as we know it. This is a fight. This is a terrible, terrible, painful fight… Ultimately, we always win, ”he said.

Blocked on Twitter and other social media, Trump has kept a low profile at his Mar-a-Lago complex in Florida since leaving the White House on January 20.

Thus, the CPAC was an opportunity to return to the scene, greeted by a crowd of fans with a long standing ovation. The vast majority attended without a mask despite the recommendations of experts amid the coronavirus pandemic that has caused more than half a million deaths in the country.

"The incredible journey we started together ... is far from over," Trump launched on his populist movement. "And in the end, we will win," he said.

The ex-president also put an end to rumors that he could take his base of support to create a political group. "I am not going to start a new game," he said. “We have the Republican Party. It will unite and it will be stronger than ever ”, he assured, calling for the unity of the conservatives.

As planned, Trump attacked Biden, saying the Democrat just wrapped up "the most disastrous first month" of any modern president.

But he also described the country as a divided land. "Our security, our prosperity and our own identity as Americans are at stake," he said in a speech attacking immigrants, criticizing the "culture of cancellation" and lashing out at Biden's policies on climate change, energy and integrity. electoral.




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