Trujillo hospitals are equipped with high-tech equipment

Among the equipment delivered is an arthroscope for the trauma area

This Wednesday the president of the Trujillana de la Salud Foundation (Fundasalud), Jacqueline Peñaloza de Rangel, delivered state-of-the-art equipment to various areas of the Dr. Pedro Emilio Carrillo University Hospital of the Valera municipality, in the Trujillo state, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Health. popular power for Health and the Vensalud company.

Peñaloza mentioned that among the equipment delivered is a first-generation arthroscope, which will strengthen care in the trauma consultation area.

“A significant number of teams arrive in the state that are going to strengthen what is the care in the trauma consultation, we are delivering a first generation arthroscope with its accessories, a complete tower for what is the reactivation of arthroscopic surgeries in Trujillo state (…) Which are minimally invasive for the treatment of important pathologies in the shoulder, knee, ankle and elbow joints ”, he explained.

He indicated that with this technological tool it will be possible to serve the population that requires it. He added that the Valera Hospital was also equipped this Wednesday with five oxygen concentrators “very important for the treatment of our covid-19 patients; we are also incorporating two teams to care for our newborns ”.

Likewise, Dr. Peñaloza pointed out that the gastroenterology consultation area of ​​the Hospital de Valera received high-tech equipment to perform different studies such as colonoscopy, rectoscopy, among others.

"At this very moment we are also receiving new equipment to activate the gastroenterology service at the Rafael Rangel Hospital in Boconó, where we have physical spaces and medical personnel," he communicated.

Likewise, he announced that in the José Gregorio Hernández Hospital in the Trujillo municipality (capital) "we are incorporating a new electrosurgical unit to strengthen the operating room area of ​​this hospital center."

Vaccination plan

On the other hand, Peñaloza de Rangel pointed out that the massive vaccination plan against covid-19 is being developed successfully in the entity. In this sense, he reported that to date of the 616 thousand 590 Trujillo residents who represent 70% of the population of the state to be vaccinated, 119 thousand 163 people have been immunized, which represents 19,32%.

"It is an important figure, it is directly proportional to what is the decrease in the contagion curve of covid-19 in the state of Trujillo and that we have been observing despite the fact that the months of March, April, May and June we had an increase sustained we have already been observing that in the month of July this curve has been decreasing in a positive way, the infections have been decreasing steadily, slowly yes, but it has decreased ", he pointed out.

The Valera Hospital was also equipped this Wednesday with five oxygen concentrators



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