Scheduled stop of the submarine cable in Margarita

Photo: courtesy Corpoelec

This Sunday, November 22, maintenance work will be carried out on the submarine cable, which transmits electrical energy from the Chacopata II substation (Sucre state) to the Luisa Cáceres substation (Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta state), which warrants the application of a load management plan, from 6:00 am to 11:00 am.

The director of Public Services of Corpo Nueva Esparta, Efraín Boada, reported, through a press release, that Corpoelec's maneuvers in the cable seek to substantially improve electrical power. He explained that work will be carried out at both ends; related to tests, corrections, cleaning and optimizations in facilities and equipment in general.

The sectors with shutdown of the service due to the maintenance of the submarine cable can be consulted on the social networks of the electricity company: Twitter: @NE_ Corpoelec Instagram @CorpoelecNE_ and Facebook Corpoelec Nueva Esparta.

He stressed that during the maneuvers electricity is assured for the organizations and institutions considered priority, of interest and strategic for the nation and that also the application of the special plan, for these tasks, goes hand in hand with the demand for the service and energy availability of this Sunday 22.

He recalled that a load management plan is currently being maintained on the Island due to a generation deficit, as the TG2 unit of the Juan Bautista Arismendi plant is out of service. 

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