José Alejandro Terán is proclaimed as Governor of La Guaira

Néstor Ramírez, director of the Regional Office of the National Electoral Council (CNE), delivered credentials to the elected candidates José Alejandro Terán, as Governor of La Guaira state and José Manuel Suárez, as Mayor of the Vargas municipality, as well as to the positions of the legislative bodies.

From the Protocol Chamber of the Plaza Bolívar Chávez in La Guaira, Ramírez recognized the Guaireño people for their participation, the FANB and political parties for “remaining on the democratic path of voting; This was a transparent process, glory to the brave people.

The governor-elect of La Guaira, José Alejandro Terán, emphasized the beginning of a new stage of unity, prosperity and attention to the people, “We are beginning a new stage that demands our greatest political maturity, the greatest capacity for dialogue, for reconciliation. , and understanding to solve the problems of our people.

He added that the development of popular power will be one of his first actions, "the Communal Governments will be a goal to transfer resources from the communities, in order to optimize public services," said Terán, at the same time congratulating the Guaireño people for their respect. to the sovereignty and the will of the people.

José Manuel Suárez, elected mayor of the Vargas municipality, indicated that the true winner of these elections was "democracy, participation and the people," after receiving his credential, where he proposed a plan to improve public services.


The Legislative Council of the state of La Guaira, for the period 2022 - 2025, was made up by a majority of candidates from the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), reaching five seats and two for the Democratic Unity Table (MUD).

Awarded the legislators Yubisay Córdova Azócar, Jorge Esaa, Nallades Pérez, Anderson Morillo and Luis Pérez for the Psuv, also Jhony Rivas and César Alonso for the MUD.

The Municipal Council of Vargas was established by Richard Infante, Miriam González, Josander García, Miguel Silva, Cali Rivas by the Psuv, also Andreina Villanueva, Clemar Milano, Juan Michinel by the MUD.

During the act were present the Deputies for La Guaira to the National Assembly, Giuseppe Alesandrelo, Ruddy Puertas, María Gabriela Vega, Irlanda Rodríguez, authorities of the Moral Power and María del Valle García de Carneiro.



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