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Reward for El Coqui and nine of its partners

Security agencies offer rewards to those who offer information leading to the arrest of 10 members of the so-called El Coqui gang.  

Through the State channel the passport photos of the wanted were released. In the case of Carlos Calderón, founder of the criminal organization; Carlos Revette (El Coqui) and Garbys Ochoa (El Garbys), the authorities offer 500 thousand dollars.  

For information on four other members of the criminal group they offer $ 50; They are: Romer Ordaz Clemente (El Romer), Gionel Trejo (El Trejo), Oswaldo René Velásquez (El Rocky) and José Luis Paredes Medina (El Chino).  

There is a group of three subjects, also members of the band, for which they offer 20 thousand dollars for those who offer clues about their whereabouts. They are Franyerson Alexander Rivero (l Franyerson), Alexander Eloy Rondón López (El Goku) and Juan Carlos Pérez Vargas (El Juanpiro).  

The authorities request to provide any information through VEN911.