They murder an octogenarian inside his residence in Propatria

The Cicpc undertook the search for a subject who murdered an 82-year-old man, a crime that occurred on Tuesday afternoon in the La Cruz Baja sector, Brisas de Propatria, Caracas.  

The fatal victim is identified as Antonio Reinoza Montes (82), who was attacked inside his home by a man who stole property, including a gas cylinder, according to investigations.  

A neighbor entered the residence and observed Reinoza with head injuries, a situation that he reported to his relatives who transferred him to the Miguel Pérez Carreño hospital where he died.  

Security cameras installed in the sector recorded the moment in which the alleged murderer left the octogenarian's house. With this support, the Cicpc undertakes the search for the subject.  

Yesterday morning, relatives of Antonio Reinoza went to the Bello Monte morgue to remove the body and bury it. From there they reported that Reinoza worked as a bricklayer. 


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