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Launch of a special plan to equip health centers in Anzoátegui

Through the plan "I sign up for my hospital" in Anzoátegui state, 20% of the annual budget assigned to the regional executive will be allocated, as well as the own income that is generated for social policies, for the strengthening of the public health system.

This was announced this Monday by Governor Luis Marcano from the government building, stating that "from 15 to 20% of the resources that this governorate will handle will be directed towards the recovery of the health system", and that through the plan "also The contributions that private companies, organizations and the rest of Anzoatiguense society have to offer will be received ”.

The first regional president reported that within the framework of the plan, a first provision was made to the 10 main hospitals in the region, which includes 54 types of ampoules including antibiotics, antifungals, anesthetics, analgesics, gastric protectors, steroids, vitamins; about 50 thousand units of physiological solution, among other drugs for the treatment of various pathologies that will serve to offer care for a month, during which time, he assured, this type of supplies should not be requested from patients.

The governor also highlighted that the initiative plans to develop the transformation of health care centers, through a comprehensive plan that provides infrastructure, equipment and attention to human resources in state hospitals, extending to the network of outpatient clinics and Integral Diagnostic Centers (CDI).

Marcano also announced that through the State Legislative Council (Cleanz), debates will be promoted in the different municipalities in order to create new legislation on health "that is appropriate to the new circumstances and allows us to move towards the ideal model."