They set up a table for negotiating territorial prices in Cojedes

Through a national deployment that began on Monday by the Ministry of the Popular Power of National Commerce, the Table for the Agreement on Territorial Prices was installed this Tuesday in the state of Cojedes. In charge, was the Vice Minister for the Monitoring and Control of Trade and Distribution, Luis Villegas.

Accompanied by the Governor of the state, Indalecio Sánchez, highlighted the need to explain the process of the New Monetary Expression throughout the country, “we want to bring you the message to explain how the roundings, calculations, and how the current and the new monetary cone, ”Villegas said.

“The Ministry deployed in the country because Minister Eneida Laya ordered to maintain the consultation tables to listen to economic actors, we want to listen to merchants and businessmen, maintain a balanced trade, as well as, see where their critical nodes are in function to solve them and guarantee the supply and production ”, he expressed.

He assured that the policies emanating from the Ministry have served to create social support plans, such is the case of Plan Z, which was born from the needs of the people that were made visible in the territory.

He also announced that two Plan Z mobile stores will soon be installed in San Carlos, through agreements reached with the government to boost production in that region.

Together with the merchants and businessmen present, the vice minister signed an act of commitment and recalled that these working groups must be permanent. In the same way, he made a tour of the supermarkets in the area to explain the correct use of the New Monetary Expression.



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