End of a teenage party in Maiquetía

Photo: Jesús Gazzaneo

Members of the Sectorial Secretariat for Citizen Security of La Guaira ended a clandestine party that was taking place in Tower 9 of the Brisas de Maiquetía building, in the Maiquetía parish, in La Guaira, reported Security Secretary Andrés Goncalves.

He indicated that inside the residence they found a large number of adolescents. The troops proceeded to give them the respective talk on order and security, and later the attendees withdrew without incident.

Goncalves made a call for citizen awareness, especially to parents and representatives, since care and prevention is everyone's responsibility.

He said that in the face of this global pandemic situation, it is essential to ensure that biosecurity standards are met to prevent the spread of the virus.

He pointed out that as a security body the priority is the people, "so the motto is increasingly in force We are Citizen Security, with you and in everything!"


The Intelligence Brigade of the Citizen Security Secretariat of La Guaira apprehended a citizen requested by the justice, in another procedure, during an operation to verify people in Catia La Mar, La Lucha sector.

The uniformed men spotted a man trying to evade them, for which they gave him a halt and when verified by the Integrated Police Information System (Siipol), it turned out that he was required by the First Control Court of La Guaira.

It turned out that the detainee Orlando Mendoza Camacho (49) presented three police records, one in 1991 and two in 1998. Later, he was transferred to the Directorate of Intelligence and Preventive Strategies of the State Police, in Macuto to complete the procedure.



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