They enable voting centers for electoral simulation in the regions

The National Electoral Council (CNE) will enable 16 voting centers in Yaracuy state this Sunday, October 10, to hold the electoral simulation established as part of the electoral schedule for the mega-elections on November 21.

The director of the Regional Electoral Office (ORE) in the entity, Frank Molleja, reported this Wednesday that a voting center will operate in each of the 14 municipalities, except for the capital, San Felipe, where three will be enabled: one in the República de Nicaragua Basic School, in the heart of the city, and the other two in the Marín and Albarico parishes, respectively.

He said that the strictest biosafety controls will be applied in each center to protect workers, officials, voters and participants from possible COVID-19 infections. Compliance with the usual health security measures will be required of all attendees, without exception.

Molleja explained that this electoral test will serve to evaluate the operation of the systems involved, such as the operation of the machines, the transmission of data, the effectiveness of the procedures and everything related to the electoral process. 

The members of the Republic Plan will safeguard the polling stations and will ensure compliance with the required protocols.

"Everything is ready to hold an electoral simulation that complies with all the demands of the assumed commitment, which will serve as a test for the final event of the electoral party that we will have on November 21," the official highlighted.

He recalled that in Yaracuy a governor, nine deputies to the state Legislative Council and their respective alternates will be elected. In addition, there will be voting for 14 mayors and 102 councilors and their alternates, in the 14 municipalities.

In Aragua, 20 centers will be set up for the 10-O electoral simulation

A total of 20 voting centers will be enabled in the Aragüeña entity during the electoral simulation scheduled for this Sunday, October 10, a process in which they will test the functioning of the automated voting system with regard to its technical, logistical and operational elements. .

The centers in which the distribution of the electoral party favors has already begun will be distributed in the 18 municipalities that make up the Aragüean geography, the city of Maracay being the town with the most spaces available for the simulation: the Felipe Guevara Rojas school, the Educational Unit Carlos Escarrá and the Agustín Aveledo Basic School, where maracayeros will be able to familiarize themselves with the voting process.

The information that was published on the official twitter account of the National Electoral Council @cneesvzla, offers details on the distribution and location of each of the centers arranged for the simulation, which will also serve for organizations with political purposes to oil their machinery. ahead of what will be the mega regional and municipal elections on November 21.

This is how the centers for the drill will be distributed:

Mario Briceño Iragorry (El Limón): Santos Michelena National Educational Unit.

Libertador (Palo Negro): Guárico State Basic School

Francisco Linares Alcántara (Santa Rita): Francisco de Miranda State Educational Unit

Mariño (Turmero): Rosa Amelia Flores Basic School.

Sucre (Cagua): Liceo Rafael Hernández León.

José Ángel Lamas (Santa Cruz): Rafael Briceño Ortega Basic School.

Ribas (La Victoria): Simoncito Socialista 3 La Mora.

Santos Michelena (Las Tejerías): Jacob Pérez Carvallo State Educational Unit.

Zamora (La Villa): Melicia Nieves de Tejada Basic School.

Bolívar (San Mateo): President Medina Angarita School.

San Casimiro: Francisco Iznardy School Group.

San Sebastián: Wenceslao Casado Fonseca Educational Unit.

Falcón has 27 centers and 70 polling stations for electoral simulation

A total of 27 electoral centers in the 25 municipalities of the Falconian geography will have the National Electoral Council (CNE) for the mock elections this Sunday, October 10.

The information offered by the regional authority of the CNE, Jonathan Naranjo, highlighted that 70 voting tables will operate, so it is expected to carry out technical tests to verify the operation of the technological infrastructure. 

"Miranda (Coro) will have three electoral centers because it is the capital of Falcón state, where voters will know the electoral instruments and can become familiar with the card and the technology with the support of the municipal logistics committees," Naranjo said.

The electoral official called on organizations with political purposes that have already nominated their candidates to participate and call on their membership to do so so that they can adapt to the process.

On the CNE website there is all the information by state, in which it was reported that six will be pilots (Anzoátegui, Capital District, La Guaira, Miranda, Nueva Esparta and Yaracuy), while 18 (Amazonas, Apure, Aragua, Barinas, Bolívar, Carabobo, Cojedes, Delta Amacuro, Falcón, Guárico, Lara, Mérida, Monagas, Portuguesa, Sucre, Táchira, Trujillo and Zulia), will function as support for the technical review. 

The material that will be worked with during the drill is already protected by the Integral Defense Zone (Zodi) Falcón, who will deliver it to the 27 centers prepared for the drill this Wednesday.

Zodi Falcón will deliver the material to the centers activated for the drill

25 voting centers enabled for the CNE simulation in Mérida

The CNE Mérida Regional Office set up 25 voting centers and 65 polling stations for the mock voting, to be held this Sunday 10.

José Gregorio Ruiz, representative of the CNE in the state of Merida, reported that this electoral event will test the automated electoral system, which includes voting machines, voting process up to the transmission system.

He indicated that in this drill he will also measure voting times, transmission, technological platform and contingency transmission centers.

Ruiz added that the contingency transmission centers, located in distant parishes and communities, will have the option of collecting the information on a pendrive.

“Some sites do not have wired or wireless via telephone for which the pendrive route will be activated, which consists of removing the removable memory, at the end of the electoral process. The transfer will be guarded by the Republic Plan, to the space enabled for the transmission of data to the National Totalization Center, "explained Ruíz.

He invited voters to participate in the drill to familiarize themselves with the voting process on November 21. He also pointed out that the selected centers in each municipality can be consulted on the official website of the CNE.

65 polling stations will operate in 25 voting centers

Plan República took centers of the electoral simulation in Guatire and Guarenas

The military troops of the Republic Plan took this Wednesday the 6th the three educational establishments of the municipalities Plaza (Guarenas) and Zamora (Guatire), in Miranda, for the protection of the equipment, the personnel and the simulation process that will take place this Sunday the 10th. October

This Thursday, the 8th, the arrival of the 16 voting machines that will be used in both municipalities is expected.

At the Ambrosio Plaza school they will install eight machines and the same number of polling stations that will be installed this Friday the 8th.

The 161.147 Guarenas voters registered in the Electoral Registry will be able to participate in the simulation.

In Zamora the electoral event will be held at the Elías Calixto Pompa School Group of the Guatire parish and at the Araira National Educational Unit in Bolívar. In the first school they will install six tables with the same number of machines; while in the second there will be two tables and two machines. The universe of voters is 138.902 in this municipality.

The experience will serve to measure important aspects facing the November 21 elections, such as the presence of voters, the time of voting and their familiarization with the electoral card, transmission, testing of the Republic Plan, biosafety measures, transportation and logistics. , among others.

In compliance with biosafety against the transmission of covid-19, this Wednesday morning both campuses were disinfected to protect the health of the military, members of the Municipal Electoral Board and CNE personnel who are there.

In Guarenas the disinfection team of the mayor's office acted and a second day is planned this Friday by the Miranda firefighters, the third will be held on Saturday 9 in the afternoon and at the end of the drill a fourth in order to leave the institution ready for school activities.

They carry out disinfection days in schools that are voting centers

In Barinas they set up 14 centers for the electoral simulation 

For the electoral simulation, scheduled for this Sunday, 14 centers with 46 voting tables were enabled in the state of Barinas.

The information was provided by Dennysis Pérez, regional director of the National Electoral Council, who stressed that the objective is to review the correct operation of the automated electoral system as part of the schedule for the November 21 elections.

The official indicated that in the city of Barinas three centers were activated for this day: the Daniel Florencio Oleary High School, the Juan Andrés Valera Basic School and the Herminio León Colmenarez Basic Unit.

He explained that the electoral roll rose to more than 600 thousand voters in the Llanera entity and that more than 1800 candidates registered for different positions of popular election, including 12 for governor.

«In the rest of the municipalities, a voting center was set up in each jurisdiction. We invite the population to participate in this event that will have all the biosanitary protocols against covid-19 ", he declared.

The electoral roll rose to more than 600 thousand voters in the Llanera entity

Eleven centers are activated in La Guaira for electoral simulation

A voting center per parish in La Guaira, activated the National Electoral Council for the electoral simulation this Sunday, October 10, where some 400 thousand Guireños will be able to participate.

This was reported by Nestor Ramírez, director of the Regional Electoral Office of La Guaira state, "eleven voting centers were enabled for the simulation of the Regional and Municipal Elections 2021", these will be open from 7:00 am to 4:00 am p.m.

La Guaira will be a pilot state, so the centers were nucleated one per parish, which will allow the electoral platform to be tested, where they are already protected by the Bolivarian National Guard.

The centers have already been disinfected, as part of the biosecurity measures for covid-19, they have voting machines and all transmission components.

The active voting centers are: Juan José Mendoza School (Caraballeda), Rafael Rangel School (Carayaca), María Villlalobos School (Caruao), Narcisos Gonell School (Catia La Mar), Republic of Panama School (La Guaira), Guaicamacuto School ( Satchel).

Also the República del Salvador School (Maiquetía), Naiguatá National School (Naiguatá), Magaly Espinoza School (El Junko), Hugo Chávez Community House Urbanism (Urimare) and José María Vargas School (Carlos Soublette).

The centers will open from 07:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.

With information from the correspondents: Carlos Vielma, María Elena Castillo, Lisbeth Barboza, Agusmir Guarache, Irama Delgado, Naiyerlis Garcés, Luis Ortega

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