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They deliver inputs to producers in the states of Sucre and Miranda

They received agricultural tool kits and short cycle seeds

A group of 230 Trabuco Clap kits were delivered to the same number of producers in the state of Sucre, in an event held at the Paz field facilities, located in the Brazil sector, in Cumaná.

The event was led by the Minister of Urban Agriculture, Johana Carrillo, who explained that the kits consist of fertilizers, irrigators, hoses, shovels, machetes and seeds.

He recalled that this delivery is part of the public policies promoted by President Nicolás Maduro, to activate the production P of the local supply and production committees (Clap) and guarantee the supply of healthy and sovereign food in each of the territories.

He mentioned that the favored producers come from the municipalities of Sucre (Cumaná), Benítez (El Pilar), Andrés Eloy Blanco (Casanay), Ribero (Cariaco), Bolívar (Marigüitar), Cruz Salmerón Acosta (Araya) and Montes (Cumanacoa).

"Here we are delivering 230 kits in this first phase, which will strengthen several municipalities in the state of Sucre, understanding that this P of production now becomes an economic circuit, to guarantee supply to local markets, popular markets and, in turn, "At the same time, it will allow us to reduce costs," he said.

The minister indicated that the entity plans to strengthen the production of items such as legumes, vegetables, tubers and nuts.


A total of 18 producers from the Andrés Bello municipality have benefited from the delivery of tools and seeds to boost the production of vegetables and legumes in the territories served by the Clap. The Trabuco Clap kits include a set of agricultural supplies: a gardening kit, pickaxe, watering can, sprinkler, gloves for leaching, seeds, hose, machete, chicora, among others.

With information from Olimar Salazar

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