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They check 1×10 machinery for the victory of 28J in Monagas

The JPSUV in Monagas is not far behind, they are also preparing their 1x10 for the victory on July 28

Monagas oils its machinery for the overwhelming victory on July 28, where they hold assemblies with street leaders, and the Youth of the Socialist Party of Venezuela prepare their 1×10 for the victory of President Maduro.

In the Maturín municipality, they held an assembly with the machinery of the Altos Los Godos parish. Ernesto Luna, governor of this eastern entity, checked the 1×10 machinery for the victory on July 28.

The political head of the PSUV in Monagas accompanied by his counterpart in the Maturín municipality, Ana Fuentes, and representatives of the regional and municipal directorates of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV); indicated that political structures have fundamental tasks, such as guaranteeing permanent mobilization, organizing the 1X10 + 5×5 machinery, defending the vote, promoting the communication battle in the networks, the media, the streets and any other resource, such as walls, and work to make Government management more efficient, through the 1 x 10 of Good Government.

"I congratulate all líderes and street leaders for the set of such courageous and heroic tasks that they carry out every day in their communities. Now you have to carry out a task of love, unity and peace to add votes and thus achieve the goal that is planned for June 30 in this Altos Los Godos parish, which is 40 thousand votes for the candidate of the peace Nicolás Maduro. I am sure that we are going to have a resounding victory this July 28,” highlighted the governor.

This meeting was held at the Las Uvitas field, located in the Altos Los Godos parish of the Maturín municipality, and had the participation of six axes that make up this parish: Morichal, El Rosillo, La Puente, Los Guaritos, Los Godos and La Gran Victory.

They activate feminist 1×10 of the Ezequiel Zamora municipality

A meeting held in the vicinity of the “Andrés Bello” House of Culture in Punta de Mata, called Cafecito Militante, brought together the feminist force of the Ezequiel Zamora municipality in a day accompanied by Mayor Oscar Cedeño.

During the day, strategies were discussed to strengthen the role and active participation of women in all the areas in which they play, with special recognition and attention to the UBCh political structures, communal councils, street and community leaders, as well as women's committees. , as fundamental pillars of the revolutionary process.

The first lady of the municipality highlighted the participation of women in political tasks, “…Today we focus on an issue that concerns us all: activating the 1×10. Here it was demonstrated that they are very well organized, but we must also include those compatriots who feel some discontent, look for them, convince them with facts, actions and arguments that this is the correct path, giving fulfillment and continuity to the legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez, supporting to his son, the feminist president Nicolás Maduro. Let’s go home now,” she instructed.

Women and grassroots structures in Cedeño support Maduro's re-election

With great joy and enthusiasm, a great meeting of women and grassroots structure of the western axis of Monagas state was held.

The activity took place in the facilities of the “José Chilo Rojas” House of Culture, in Caicara.

The meeting was headed by the feminist mayor Daniel Monteverde, the first lady of the Cedeño municipality, Mary Salazar de Monteverde, and her counterparts from Zamora, Rosa Millán, and Sotillo, Ana María de Maldonado.

In this activity, the love of the UBCh and community leaders, sector leaders and street leaders overflowed; who, with slogans and banners, expressed their support for the re-election of President Nicolás Maduro in the upcoming elections on July 28.

The first lady of the Cedeño municipality, Mary Salazar de Monteverde, expressed that “hope is in the street, in every Venezuelan woman, in every mother of a family and, above all, in the empowered woman thanks to the policies implemented by President Nicolás. Ripe".

He pointed out that in the western axis of the Monagas state there are brave women committed to the Revolution, who demonstrate with their work day after day their commitment to the country.

Meanwhile, Mariví Mujica, head of the community, emphasized that women are the spearhead of the Revolution, they are protagonists of the new Venezuelan history.

JPSUV oils its machinery for the overwhelming victory on July 28

Likewise, the Youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (JPSUV) in Monagas is not far behind, they are also preparing their 1×10 for the victory of this July 28.

Samuel Leonett, organizer of the JPSUV Monagas, indicated that they already have 552 consolidated UBCh teams out of 584 in total, with 90 percent of the electoral roll checked in the entity through 1×10 and the massive call for the defense of peace .

In turn, the regional coordinator of the JPSUV highlighted that more than 600 young people from the 13 municipalities of Monagas participated in the meeting at the Tibisay Hotel in Maturín with their 1×10 in hand, committed to the country.

“With the pen of Antonio José de Sucre, we, the youth of the party, are going to continue writing history with golden letters. Today we are checking our youth 1×10 because without a doubt we will seal the perfect victory on July 28,” said Canelón.

The youth of Monagas, united in one voice, speak out in favor of our president Nicolás Maduro, to achieve victory on July 28, said Camila García, coordinator of the Bolivarian Student Organization (OBE).

Jefferson Aguirre, coordinator of the JPSUV in Maturín, commented that they are working to win the young vote in favor of Maduro in all spaces.

He specified that in the capital of Monaco, youth commands are already formed for each UBCh to mobilize and protect the votes of 3 new voters.

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