Love Plan for Victims of the Economic War in Charallave

560 families benefited from the process of renovating the facades of their homes

Government authorities began the integral recovery of the facades of 100 homes, located in the El Cementerio sector of the Cristóbal Rojas municipality (Charallave), Miranda state. This was revealed by Noris Herrera, Minister of People's Power for Communes and Social Movements, during a deployment of the Plan of Love in Action for the Victims of the Economic War, promoted by President Nicolás Maduro. The minister reviewed the social and economic cartography of community.

He specified that 560 families are favored with the process of renovating the facades of their homes. The tasks are a joint effort between the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor, Corpoelec, the Mayor's Office of Cristóbal Rojas and residents of the community.

In the sector, the replacement of public lighting with lamps with LED technology, cleaning and weeding of public areas, painting of curbs and posts is being carried out. Likewise, the crews carried out the comprehensive sanitation of the community and restoration of the façade of the municipal cemetery.

They also carry out the integral recovery and provision of the health module. The authorities formed the Communal Brigade of Production and Work for Risk Mitigation and Primary Attention of Supervening Situations (Bricotp), whose brigade members were trained by Civil Protection.

During the deployment, the authorities granted 189 medical treatment to patients with chronic diseases and ten technical aids to people with disabilities who were captured during the house-to-house boardings made by health personnel, Conapdis, We are Venezuela Movement, José Gregorio Hernández Mission and the Unique Health Authority of the Cristóbal Rojas municipality. 

There was a medical consultation and delivery of free medicine kits. Likewise, 50 residents received certificates for their empirical knowledge. The minister also inspected the operation of the José Leonardo Chirinos feeding house.

"With the plans and social missions, popular organization is consolidated, comprehensive care in coordination with State institutions," said Herrera. Major Jorge Monsalve, manager of the GMBNBT in Miranda; Zoraida Ramírez, president of Conapdis, Mayor Humberto Marte and officials of the Great Mission José Gregorio Hernández.



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