They built space to pray to José Gregorio Hernández in Maturín

The work was made by the sculptor from Monagas, Jesús David Martínez Granados

An image of more than three meters high of Doctor José Gregorio Hernández, rests in the center of the internal vial of the walk that now bears the name of the next Venezuelan blessed. A work that was recently built in honor of the miraculous doctor of the poor in the heart of the city of Maturín.

Since last Easter Sunday, the date on which the Paseo was inaugurated, the people of Monaco have had this space for prayer and family enjoyment, which is located in front of the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Cathedral, a religious temple known for being the second Tallest basilica in Latin America.

In this sense, the Bishop of the Diocese of Maturín, Mons. Enrique Pérez Lavado, who was in charge of the blessing of the image, stressed that José Gregorio Hernández always expressed his love for God in every action of his life and today is a An example that "is reflected in health personnel, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, who day by day fight to combat the pandemic that is currently facing."


This space was adapted by the Mayor's Office of Maturín and the Ministry of Popular Power for Public Works, under the instructions of Mayor Wilfredo Ordaz, to honor the miraculous doctor, where visitors and visitors have benches and gardens that promote sharing and faith. . Among the improvements carried out in the Paseo is the installation of 10 hexagonal posts, as well as the replacement of luminaires with other LED technology with greater capacity and 400-watt reflectors were placed to optimize the illumination of the image of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández. 

Mayor Ordaz stated that as a Venezuelan believer in God and José Gregorio Hernández, he proposed to offer the people of Maturín a public space where they could pray, renew their faith and share with family and friends.


The image of Doctor José Gregorio Hernández has an exact height of three and a half meters, it was made by the sculptor from Monagas (Caripito), Jesús David Martínez Granados with highly resistant materials such as: rods, mialla, sand, glass, marble cement powder, and paint with high climatic resistance. Martínez, who has produced several religious works of great magnitude in the Monagas state, such as El Nazareno de Caripito and the Virgen del Valle de Punta de Mata y Quiriquire, assures that in cafa one of his works impregnates his love and faith in God.

The Venezuelan Episcopal Conference (CEV), through a statement, noted that this sculpture by José Gregorio Hernández highlighted the human values ​​of the future blessed "as a scientist, doctor and teacher, and his Christian values, as an example of faith and charity." It is worth noting that Catholics in faith can raise their prayers not only by walking along the Paseo, but even from vehicles or public transport, since the image can be seen when passing through Avenida Bolívar de Maturín. 

The image of Doctor José Gregorio Hernández has an exact height of three and a half meters


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