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They ask to make a fondness to the Caracas Metro

Users of the Caracas Metro they denounce the deterioration in which is the main transport system of the capital city: dirty cars, few escalatorss running and trash on the floor.

During a tour of the Últimas Noticias In the subway, Iraida de Marcano, a frequent user of the Metro, stated that they have spent many years without even painting the walls of the stations, which, she said, are lined with rudeness and graffiti, “something that damages the image of the service".

Likewise, people commented that the presence of animals like rats, cockroaches, dogs and others within the facility is one of the things that is not right, and the things that must be attacked by company personnel.

Mark Orozco He commented that, in his opinion, the personnel in charge of cleaning the underground transport service does not fulfill its functions, because "every day you can see a significant amount of garbage everywhere."

For its part, Lizet Hernandez He assured that "the escalators are few that work, some trains no longer open several doors for them, it has been slow because before one train after another passed, now you have to wait hours because it is always late".

You fail day by day. In addition to the lack of cleanliness in the Metro, citizens say that daily they must suffer for the long period on the arrival of the trains of the system, which causes them to arrive at their destination late.

Some experts assure that what has most affected the operation of the Metro is the lack of maintenance as for the electrical and mechanical system of the same. In addition to that, the theft of a significant amount of cables that has paralyzed some spaces on the line that goes from Mamera and Ruiz Pineda to the Zoo.

They strongly request those in charge of underground transportation to progressively resolve the situation experienced in the Metro, as this is the most accessible transportation route in the capital city, in addition to the one most used by the entire population, considering that this is the means with which it is counted on to solve the problems that arise with surface transport and transfers more than 2 million users daily.

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