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They ask the EU to distance itself with the Israeli regime after attack on Gaza

Irish MEP Mick Wallace, urged the European legislature to break its relations with the regime of the State of Israel for what it considers "atrocious crimes" against the Palestinian people.

"If we care about human rights, we must cut ties with the criminal and apartheid regime of Israel until it stops the genocide of the Palestinian people and Palestine is liberated," said Mick Wallace on Wednesday addressing the rest of the members of Parliament. European (PE).

In his speech, the Irish legislator has remarked that the defense of the human rights of the Palestinians should be seriously included in the agenda of the European Union (EU), whose authorities "boast of being firm guarantors" of this fundamental right worldwide. .

However, judging from the circumstances that have been occurring in recent days in the occupied Palestinian territories due to the brutal aggression of the Israeli regime perpetrated against the Gaza Strip, it seems that the Palestinian people are the exception that confirms the rule, since the Europeans have only limited themselves to asking the Israelis to lower their bellicose tone.

In Brussels, an absolute silence is maintained, in accordance with US foreign policy, to condemn the bombings of the Tel Aviv regime, whose air forces began its campaign of attacks on the main cities of Gaza, since last Monday, May 10.

In contrast to the European authorities who continue without ruling on this new series of episodes of violations of the rights of the Palestinians perpetrated by Israel, the citizens of the community bloc have taken to the streets of their squares in solidarity with the people. Palestinian.

However, the Europeans, in their eagerness to congregate and show their total rejection of the Israeli action committed against the Gazans, have encountered heavy police repression in an attempt to quell the pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

In this climate of tension, Wallace has regretted, in a message on his Twitter account published after his parliamentary intervention, that the other MEPs continued with their usual trend of justifying the crimes of the Zionist regime in Palestine for fear of being accused of anti-semitism.

The European legislator raised the question of how the EU supports Israel's inhumane behavior. "Anyone with a little common sense would be surprised by the EU's support for Israel's war crimes against the Palestinian people," he pointed out, and then concluded his tweet by formulating the following reflection: "Are these the European values ​​that Are you trying to instill in the citizenship from the community institutions? ”.

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