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They ask Spain to commit to the freedom of the Saharawi people

Around 3.000 people demonstrated this Saturday in favor of the freedom of Western Sahara, asked Spain to assume its "historical, legal and moral responsibility" for the decolonization of this territory and denounced the "torture and repression" of Morocco. that occupies part of it.

In this way, the March for the Freedom of the Saharawi People was held in Madrid, which started a month ago from various parts of Spain, supported by more than 200 organizations.

Today's demonstration left the Plaza de España and ended in the central Puerta del Sol to demand a "just peace" in the former Spanish province. It was supported, among other entities, by several left parties: Podemos, Izquierda Unida, Communist Party of Spain, Más Madrid and Frente Obrero.

With dozens of Sahrawi flags, in a very boisterous atmosphere, the participants shouted slogans such as "Spanish Government, pay attention, the Sahara is not for sale", "Morocco, guilty; Spain, responsible ”,“ Polisario will win ”and in favor of human rights.

Podemos MEP Miguel Urbán said that all Spanish governments have been "accomplices" of the Moroccan occupation and asked the current executive, headed by the socialist Pedro Sánchez, to demand the freedom of Sahrawi prisoners and defend "the right to decide." of Western Sahara.

This march for freedom delivered on Friday a manifesto signed by 3.000 people at the Spanish Foreign Ministry, to demand that the Government comply with international law and mediate with Morocco to end the conflict and hold a referendum on self-determination in the former Spanish colony.