They agree on a fair price for 35 species of fish in the Car Market

The Ministry of Popular Power for Commerce managed to establish a price agreement for 35 species of fish in the Car Market, in order to guarantee this protein during Holy Week, maintain commercial activity and avoid speculation.

The information was released by the owner of this portfolio, Eneida Laya Lugo, through her Twitter account, who wrote: In today's meeting scheduled with Car Market wholesalers, 35 species of fish were agreed , unifying criteria to avoid speculation, guaranteeing the preferred protein at Easter and maintaining commercial activity.

Minister Eneida Laya assured that after a pleasant meeting with the market traders, the measure was finalized for the benefit of the population.

During this week, the National Superintendency for the Defense of Socioeconomic Rights of Venezuela (Sundde), will remain deployed in the national territory, overseeing the sale of the protein in the country's markets, refers to a press release from the Ministry of Commerce.



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