The first Antiques and Collecting Fair opens in Maracaibo

More than 20 exhibitors will show their collections of historical pieces

The Bolivarian Mayor's Office of Maracaibo launched the first 2021 Antiques and Collecting Fair, with the aim of creating a space for cultural and recreational activities at the Villa Carmen headquarters. 

The Bolivarian mayor of Maracaibo, Willy Casanova, stated that the fifth Villa Carmen will be the permanent headquarters of this Fair, so that every year the antique dealers and collectors of Maracaibo meet. "It fills me with great joy and satisfaction that this almost centennial farm is once again open to the Maracaibo people as a home for culture, art and everything that characterizes and identifies us." 

More than 20 exhibitors will display their collections of historical and art pieces with passion and luxury of detail, such as coins, bills and medals, glassware, carvings, classic cars and motorcycles, action figures, toys, comics, cameras, containers, stamps, modeling and many other creations of yesteryear.

Among the exhibitors is the participation of the Faculty of Art and Music of the Cecilio Acosta Catholic University (Unica), the Experimental Faculty of Art of the University of Zulia (LUZ) and the Julio Árraga National and Technical School of Plastic Arts. 
This first antiques and collecting fair is organized by the Bolivarian Mayor's Office of Maracaibo, through the General Directorate of Social Development and the Culture Directorate.

For her part, the general director of Social Development, Selene Estrach, stressed that the Villa Carmen headquarters, with just a week of reopening, opened its doors to collective activities, as it was a space designed to return it to the Maracaiberos. "That implies culture, activities and other permanent forms to fill Villa Carmen with life and that we all feel part of it," said Estrach, recalling that the fifth will also be a space for activities of the private sector and various organizations.

He expressed that "We have excellent exhibitors in the city, people who have years remembering and bringing the history of our city and the world," said Estrach, after noting that this fair is a gesture to bring back the dynamics of collecting to the city, which years back offered few spaces to develop this important historical work.

He thanked the exhibitors for the opportunity to remind citizens of the dynamics of the old times that they could live, as well as teach them to those who did not live them to understand what things happened many or a few years ago.

Estrach stressed that "We want to continue highlighting and promoting collecting in our city, as well as providing decent spaces so that all the people can enjoy it and all the beautiful things that our city has," concluded Estrach. 

The fifth Villa Carmen will be the permanent headquarters of this Fair, so that every year the antique dealers and collectors of Maracaibo meet


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