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The deployment of the Republic Plan in entities of the country advances

This Wednesday, November 17, the deployment of the National Armed Forces in the various states of the country continues, as part of the Plan República device, actions framed in the defense and security of the facilities and strategic material for the regional elections to be held this Sunday, 21 of November.

Correspondents of Últimas Noticias They presented the details of the operations arranged in their entity.

En Zulia 18 thousand officials were deployed

More than 18 thousand officials were deployed in the 21 municipalities of the entity, as part of the Plan República Regional, Municipal and Legislative Elections 2021, to be developed this Sunday, November 21. 

The commander of the Integral Defense Zone 11 Zulia, M / G Manuel Castillo Rengifo, reported that 18.800 officials in the 21 municipalities of the entity; 109 parishes; 1.318 voting centers; 3.433 polling stations for a total of 2.621.127 voters. 

Castillo Rengifo indicated that they are deployed in the voting centers and in the 227 peace quadrants and 8 lake peace quadrants, activated to maintain peace and protect the centers and electoral material, "All the work team enabled for this democratic process and the voters themselves, thus complying with the provisions of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in its articles 62, 63, 64, 66 and the provisions of the Organic Law of Electoral Processes (Lopre) ”.

He added that article number 5 clearly establishes the functions of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, in addition to all the institutions legally constituted in the State, the FANB will provide support to the Electoral Power, safeguarding the security of the voters, ensuring order, custody, transfer and safeguarding of electoral material and its instruments. 

“From this moment on, the Republic Plan is articulated with all the Zulia state security agencies for this upcoming electoral process, and it develops with all normality and respect for citizen norms in the sacred act of suffrage as a tradition in a a democratic country such as Venezuela, "said Castillo

The Republic Plan is active in the 1318 voting centers in Zulia state.

Miranda will use 344 machines in Plaza and Zamora

The 344 machines and party favors that will be used in the regional elections this Sunday, November 21, arrived in the municipalities Plaza (Guarenas) and Zamora (Guatire) this Tuesday, that is, one day earlier than planned according to the Center's schedule. Electoral National (CNE) and according to information collected in the Municipal Electoral Boards of this Mirandina subregion.

Rosa Argueta, president of the Guarenas Electoral Board, pointed out that the members of the Plan República arrived this Tuesday at 6:30 pm to protect the electoral centers, with the surprise that they also mobilized the material for the suffrage that was guarded in the Bolivarian Educational Unit Ambrosio Plaza, on the boulevard of February 27. 

He declared that this Wednesday the 209 machines were transferred to the 74 electoral centers of Guarenas, which is the only parish in the Plaza municipality. In principle, there were 75 centers, but the one that operated in the Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi Workshop was eliminated because it became a refuge and the CNE relocated voters to the Irama Martínez de Orta campus, in Ruiz Pineda.

The CNE will set up 209 tables this Sunday for the attention of 161.147 voters in the area.

Argueta reported that the Electoral Board is waiting for the electoral body to send by email the accreditations for a reduced group of polling station members, since the majority have this authorization, as well as the list of witnesses from political organizations .

In Zamora, the uniformed officers delivered 135 machines to the Juan José Abreu high school on Tuesday morning and that same day they distributed them to the 69 polling stations in the Guatire and Bolívar (Araira) parishes. In this Mirandian jurisdiction 138.902 people will be able to exercise their right this Sunday.  

Electoral machines delivered in Guatire and Guarenas

Complying with the schedule provided by the National Electoral Council, the Republic Plan was activated in Falcón with the deployment of 7 troops who will guard 300 voting machines.

In this way, the uniformed men took over the 728 educational institutions that function as electoral centers, as stated by the commander of the Falcón Integral Defense Operational Zone, Vice Admiral Irwin Pucci from the Paraguaná peninsula.

The ZODI commander specified that the operation will be in effect until December 02, where the different government agencies and instances that participate in the electoral process led by the electoral body were aligned.

Regarding the functions of these military personnel, he indicated that they will be in charge of maintaining security, respect for distancing and biosafety measures, checking that no voters carry firearms and that they do not ingest alcoholic beverages in the vicinity of the voting centers.

Regarding the follow-up that will be given to the process, he stated that there will be a Situation Chamber in the Falconian capital monitored by officials from the CNE, Public Ministry, Ombudsman's Office and all State Security Organizations.

International observation

The regional coordinator of the electoral body, Jhonnathan Naranjo announced that 3 more members of the team of the Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union (EU EOM) arrived in the state from Italy.

On October 28, the Polish Agnieska Górna and Túlia Márquez from Portugal arrived, who during this time have been able to visit 12 of the 25 municipalities in the region in their evaluation process on the electoral campaign.

In the same way, these international observers have held meetings with candidates, both from the opposition and from Chavismo, civil society and the media.

Operative República activated more than 7 thousand troops in Falcón

The 646 cvoting centers from Anzoátegui already have material

The director of the Regional Electoral Office in Anzoátegui, Dichelys Guevara reported that this Wednesday, November 17, the radio deployment of electoral machines and material to the 646 voting centers in the state was completed.

Guevara indicated that 100% of the material is in the selected campuses under the protection of the Republic Plan for the elections this Sunday, November 21.

The official recalled that complying with the electoral schedule, this Friday 19 the constitution and installation of the 1.551 polling stations in the 21 municipalities of the entity will be carried out.

Regarding the arrival of international observers, he said that they are expected to arrive in the state this Thursday, to join the two members of the European Union who have been supervising the processes in the region since last October 28.

He recalled that for the electoral process this Sunday, in the state of Anzoátegui, 1.148.647 voters are authorized to choose a governor, 21 mayors, 15 regional deputies and 151 councilors.

Radio deployment of equipment and material to voting centers culminated in Anzoátegui

En Yaracuy 90% of the plan schedule has been developed

The preparations for the electoral process to be held this Sunday, November 21, are progressing at a very good pace in Yaracuy state, with everything almost ready for the successful execution of all the processes involved, confirmed this Wednesday the head of the Regional Electoral Office (ORE) , Frank Gizzard.

He explained that the schedule has been developed in 90%, completely successfully and without problems. He said that on Tuesday the Republic Plan took over the 486 facilities that will function as voting centers in the 14 municipalities of the entity and that this Wednesday the officials of the National Electoral Council (CNE) received the corresponding equipment in each of them.

For this Thursday, it is planned to carry out the connectivity and transmission tests in the aforementioned electoral centers and on Friday the 757 voting tables will be installed with their members and staff that will work in them.

On the other hand, he mentioned that 50% of the polling station members have been trained and it is expected that in the next few hours the rest will do so and formalize their participation in the electoral process.

On this occasion, the training and accreditation of the board members is done online, that is, those selected receive the training through the CNE website, in which, once the course is concluded and approved, they request their corresponding accreditation to print.

Those who want to receive the training can also register with the CNE and, likewise, they will receive their accreditations that entitle them to be accidental members in the event that they become necessary in the absence of a regular member.

He also pointed out that organizations with political purposes are presenting and accrediting their witnesses so that they participate in each of the tables.

With more than 10 thousand officials, the Republic Plan began in Táchira

In order to protect the 669 voting centers, 1326 tables, distributed in the 29 municipalities of the state of Táchira, the Deployment of 10 of the officials and more than 818 land media for the Republic Plan in the entity began.

The activity was carried out at the headquarters of the Zone Command Number 21 of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and was attended by the Commander of the Strategic Region of Integral Defense Los Andes MG José Santiago Moreno Martínez, the Commander of the Zodi Táchira GD Angel Eduardo Moronta Juliao, among other representatives of the military corps.

For his part, GD Ángel Moronta Juliao added that in a perfect civic-military-police union and in the company of the Rector of the CNE, Superior Prosecutor, Bolivarian Militia and Citizen Security Organizations, they will ensure the protection of the political rights of Venezuelans by supporting the CNE. in an organizational structure through its 118 quadrants of peace.

The schedule has been developed in 90%, in a totally successful way

Republic plan ready for election day in Apure

The Commander of the Integral Defense Operational Zone (Zodi 31) Apure, Major General Leonardo Bello Ortega reported through a press conference on the work that the Republic Plan has been carrying out in the Llanera entity for what will be the electoral elections of this next November 21.

For three months they have been organizing, in a perfect civic-military union, where all the components and public institutions participate to activate what will be the republic operation on this election day, which will be deployed more than 4 troops throughout Apure state, as reported by G / D Bello Ortega.

Likewise, the Commander of the Zodi-31 Apure added that “The citizen security organizations are going to guarantee security throughout this process through the peace quadrants that will be protecting the voting centers hand in hand with the militia and the popular power "at the same time that he detailed that there will be 3 thousand 481 officials of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and Militia and 647 security organizations that will be ready and willing to offer peace of mind to the citizens this next November 21.

On the other hand, the Director of the Regional Electoral Office, Edward Almeida highlighted that «We hope that all people exercise the right to vote in this electoral event where 347 polling stations will be active, with a total of 584 polling stations throughout the region for the 375 852 Apureños electoral votes, ”Almeida said.

To finalize the authority of the Regional Electoral Office, it added information on the relocation of 3 voting centers in the Páez municipality, Urdaneta parish for security reasons, detailing that this is done temporarily, this to guarantee the right to vote to the population. election of these three voting centers.

3 thousand 481 officials of the Bolivarian Armed Forces and Militia and 647 security organizations that will be ready to offer peace of mind to citizens

News in development. Correspondents: Mayerlin Gozález / Irama Delgado / Josmary Escalona / Vivian Ariza / Eliana Useche / Ámbar Montilla