Sundde closed March with more than 1.800 audits in the country

During the month of March, the National Superintendency for the Defense of Socioeconomic Rights (Sundde), carried out 1.843 inspection operations and adjusted prices in 1.599 businesses, located in the national territory.

Said inspections were carried out under the norms established in the Organic Law of Fair Prices (LOPJ), which has a series of measures to avoid socio-economic crimes that may affect the population.

During the boarding, the Sundde prosecutors evidenced breaches of the Maximum Price of Sale to the Public (PMVP), in addition, in the agreed amounts of the different items of the basic basket such as: Precooked corn flour, rice, pasta, milk, sugar, meat proteins, as well as toiletries and personal hygiene and medicines, especially those prescribed for the treatment of covid-19, refers to a press release.

Likewise, they detected a lack in the publication of the Official Exchange Rate, established by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), for commercial transactions in foreign currency for those clients who wish to make use of this payment method.

Among the perceived irregularities, the following stand out: infringement due to non-compliance with formalities, speculation and conditioning, typified in articles 46, 49/56 of the regulations governing the Sundde.

In this sense, the Superintendency as a price regulator, applied the preventive price adjustment measure, established in article 70 of the LOPJ in supermarket chains, municipal markets and wholesalers, as well as, in stores and pharmacies, among other businesses. violators of the Law.

In addition to this, 19.073 commercial establishments were exhorted to comply with the Fair Prices Law and 17.185 to respect the radical quarantine and biosafety regulations to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Sundde carried out 48 conciliatory acts between tenants and landlords of premises for commercial use, and inspected compliance with the Fair Prices Law in 29 private clinics, 2 universities and 7 subscription television companies, as well as supervised compliance with the established standards to collect the enrollment and school fees, contemplated in resolutions 114, 0024 and 0027, in 12 private schools.

In the same way, it attended 559 users through the free telephone line 0800 LO JUSTO (5658786), instant messaging via WhatsApp by the numbers: 0412-023-0049 and 0412-023-0101, in person at the regional offices and the social network Twitter @sundde_ve.



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