SubeT system for automated ticket payment starts in Guarenas

Claudio Farías, Vice Minister of Land Transport, started this Wednesday in Guarenas the program called SubeT, Unique Electronic Ticket System, to automate the payment of the collective transport ticket, with a rechargeable card at points of sale, so that the user does not need the cash.

The implementation of this modality was carried out at the Trapichito de Guarenas terminal with the participation of the mayor of the Plaza municipality, Luis Figueroa, accompanied by the director of Plaza land traffic, Andy Pérez, the commander of the municipal police of this subregion, Oscar Henríquez and the local transportation director, Orlando Arias.

A team of workers from the National Institute of Land Transport (Intt), on the instructions of the vice minister, gave 1.000 cards as an initial promotion to people who were in line at the aforementioned terminal in the morning to move from Guarenas to Caracas.

"People will receive the cards at this time for free, but they can recharge them for the amount they want," said Farías.

Mayor Luis Figueroa said that the government of the Plaza municipality will give support to this program and hope that it can be massified quickly so that the user can save time.

"We are happy about the implementation of this card, this is the first day and we ask users for patience because with this system the difficulties of transfers can be reduced".

A team from the Intt, remained in the terminal with the device to recharge the cards and facilitate the saving of cash for passengers.

They recommended to find out about this new system through the telephone number 0212 9517737, the portal, on Instagram @subetvzla, on Facebook Subet Vzla and by mail through the account [email protected]

Source: AVN



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