Spanish Congress approves support for dialogue in Mexico

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Spanish Congress of Deputies approved today a proposal to "promote the process of dialogue and negotiation on Venezuela, protecting the well-being of the Venezuelan people and their sovereignty" that was elevated by the United We Can party and that included the support of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (Psoe) —after requesting some variants—, in addition to the favorable votes of EHBildu, Esquerra Republicana Cataluña (ERC) and the Catalan European Democratic Party (Pdcat).

The deputy for United We Can Lucía Muñoz Dalda presented the proposal in which she highlights the need to "encourage the Government of Venezuela and the opposition to continue the process undertaken" and "defend the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people from the socio-political diversity of the country" to the Once they support the efforts made by the governments of Mexico, Norway, Russia and the Netherlands.

Muñoz Dalda also reflected in his speech on the need for a courageous foreign policy and at the height of the conflicts and challenges that will come, and wondered if the Vox and Popular (PP) parties - the only ones that did not endorse the agreement in question - are going to abandon its policy of supporting coups in Latin America.

For her part, Deputy Gemma Araujo Morales, from Psoe, intervened to add some points to the proposal and said that her party expects the lifting of the sanctions that affect Venezuela, free elections are held and a solution to the migration crisis is addressed. .

The final document of the proposal with its modifications will be known in the next few days.

Here you can see the debate from minute 2.28.



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