Rains on Saturday left two dead in Trujillo

The intense rains registered this Saturday caused the landslide of a slope and a large rock in the Mocoy sector, upper part of the Trujillo municipality (capital), where two houses were destroyed and four people were affected.

The information was provided by the coordinator of Civil Protection and Disaster Administration in Trujillo state, César Fernández, who pointed out that two of the four people died after being hit by a rock.

"The rainfall in the Trujillo municipality, specifically in the upper part of Mocoy sector, where the landslide of the slope and a large rock destroyed the infrastructure of two houses and hitting four people, a hospitalized mother and daughter and another deceased mother and daughter" , he detailed.

In this regard, the Trujillo state governor Henry Rangel Silva, through his social networks, lamented the physical departure of the two Trujillo women, who were identified as 24-year-old Erika Viloria and her six-year-old daughter Fabiana Núñez.

“I have instructed the security agencies to be alert to any situation arising from the rains, likewise the social group will immediately attend to the families that could be affected. I report and in turn regret the death of two Trujillo residents in Mocoy, the capital city, as a result of a landslide generated by constant rainfall. My government team will immediately attend to this family. All our support. We are activated! ”, He expressed on his Instagram account @ rangelsilva.4f

Pathways affected

On the other hand, Fernández reported that in the Boconó municipality there were three landslides that affect vehicular traffic, specifically in the Cafenol, Tierra Negra and Puente Quebrada El Toro sectors of the 007 trunk via Mosquey - Batatal.

Also on the Santo Domingo - Jiménez route in the Pampanito municipality, where, as a result of the rains, several landslides with debris material were registered on the road.

It was learned that the rains also undermined a street in the Don Tobías sector of the Trujillo municipality, where a commission from the Fire Department came to inspect the place, as well as a subsidence in the Santo Domingo sector in the city of Valera, which merited the closure of the road. Likewise, on social networks they reported flooding in several homes in the El Cumbe sector of the Valera municipality.

“We are monitoring all the water channels in the state of Trujillo, we are raising reports to begin requesting support with machinery on the affected roads. The citizen security organs, at the instructions of the citizen governor Henry Rangel Silva, are on alert, the social area team is also giving attention to the people affected by the rains, ”Fernández pointed out.



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