Sanfelipeños celebrated victory in parliamentary elections

Militants and sympathizers of the parties that make up the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) and social movements of the Yaracuy state gathered this Saturday in the Plaza Bolívar de San Felipe to celebrate the victory in the elections last Sunday XNUMX D, when the new authorities of the National Assembly were elected.

The activity was enlivened by the Ensemble Icey group that to the sound of gaitas and parrandas and together with Chavista and revolutionary militants celebrated the victory of the GPP, which in the case of Yaracuy achieved the six seats that correspond to the entity before the national Parliament.

The mayor of San Felipe, Rogger Daza, who accompanied the celebration together with the municipal team of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) and the Bolívar Chávez Electoral Battle Units (UBCh), mentioned that the level of participation in the municipality was 41 %, which was registered with the more than 32.000 voters who went to the voting centers to exercise their right.

He pointed out that in Yaracuy the turnout was the highest in the country, with almost 200.000 votes, representing 42.03% of the entity's electorate.

“We are celebrating the overwhelming victory of the people, because peace and democracy are triumphing, not a particular political group, but all of us who want the country to move forward but in democracy. We are now going to a conciliation and construction process in which we will all win, ”said Daza.

Juriar Castillo, a member of the Somos Venezuela movement, who participated in the activity, commented that with the triumph of the revolutionary forces will resume the path of progress and economic stability of the country, because now the National Assembly will have deputies who will work alongside President Nicolás Maduro in their rescue.

"Now we are going for the economic recovery of Venezuela so that we can get the country out of the hole where the outgoing National Assembly and its accomplices abroad sank us," Castillo said.