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San Francisco de Tiznado office is equipped in Guárico

In the Guárico state, the San Francisco de Tiznado Type II Popular Medical Clinic was renovated and equipped with high-tech elements, ”which is located in the parish that bears the same name in the Ortiz municipality, a space that will provide specialized medical care to 10 sectors of the point and circle, which is equivalent to more than 750 families in this rural Guariqueña area.

The information was released by the governor of the Llanera entity José Vásquez, who said that the investment made corresponds to the strategic lines of optimization of the public health system where, to date, more than 70 infrastructures have been improved, expanded and conditioned to the length and breadth of Guariqueño territory.

This space has 8 service areas comprised of: general medicine, nursing service, observation room, delivery room, pre and post delivery room, nebulization room, immunization, warehouse, emergency room.

Vásquez indicated that the rehabilitation of the ambulance belonging to this town was also carried out to attend to emergencies that arise, also ensuring that they work in a second phase for the activation of the dentistry service, as well as the adaptation of medical residences for the staff who works in it.

In relation to medical services, Dr. Rayner Rondón, sole health authority in the entity, indicated that new medical specialists were incorporated for health programs in special care for pregnant women and children, with gyneco-obstetricians and pediatricians, complementing them with the aforementioned services where 40 workers and professionals will be available.

In this context, Ana Felicia Graterol, a pioneer in the founding of this outpatient clinic in 1983, mentioned that in the beginning, its operation was in a rural house where only two people attended the communities of Río Verde and San Francisco de Tiznados However, over the years and the support of the government, progress has been made in infrastructure.

"Today it is of great satisfaction to see how progress is being made in these facilities that receive this great gesture of love," emphasized Graterol.