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Russia: US behind Kurdish attacks from Syria on Turkish and Iranian territory

Lavrentiev: NATO sees Syria as an additional front in the war in Ukraine

Alexander Lavrentiev, Russian President Vladimir Putin's special envoy on the issue of the war in Syria, told the agency RIA Novosti that the United States would be the "experienced driver" behind the intensification of Kurdish attacks against Iranian and Turkish targets from Syria, the statements of a Russian official come after the celebration in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, of the 19th round of talks to seek peace on Syrian territory.

Behind the activation of the Kurds in Syria and Iraq, there is probably an "experienced driver", namely the United States, Lavrentiev said, assuring that for Moscow "the fact that recently there has been a worsening of the situation not only in the northeastern Syria, but also in Iraqi Kurdistaní» corresponds to a plan orchestrated from Washington to keep that area unstable.

The Russian envoy noted that the West promotes the conflict in Syria as an additional front in the war in Ukraine, in which the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is indirectly facing Russia.

“It can be said, without any ambiguity, that the United States is most likely behind this (the Kurdish attacks in the region). Because the United States also supports the Iranian Kurds, inciting them to protest," Lavrentiev said.

Turkey, Lavrentiev explained, directly accused the United States of supporting those behind the attacks, because the Kurds would hardly have launched such high-profile attacks without Washington's go-ahead.

"I think this is not an amateur performance, but a clearly planned line to make the situation more difficult, to trigger, perhaps, some specific reaction, even in the Astana format," Lavrentyev emphasized, frankly alluding to the intention to hinder the talks of peace, with Russian mediation, between the parties involved in the violence in the zone of influence of the people of Kurdistan, which includes the Turkish southeast, the Syrian northeast, the north of Iraq, the northwest of Iran and the southwest of Armenia.

Using the Kurdish cause to destabilize the region

The remarks made by the Russian envoy reveal a meticulously elaborated plan, carried out for more than a decade during which the Syrian people have been victims of the war promoted by the United States.

The text of RIA Novosti It also reports that prior to Lavrentiev's statements, earlier, the Turkish Interior Ministry expressed suspicions that the hint of the terrorist attack that took place in the center of Istanbul on November 13 and claimed the lives of six people came from Kobani, and the perpetrator entered Turkish territory through the city of Afrin, a Kurdish enclave in Syria, on the border with Turkey.

The Turkish Ministry of Interior highlighted that the suspect in the attack was arrested, confessed to having ties to the Kurdistan Workers' Party PKK, to which is attributed through the Fetullahista Terrorist Organization (Fetö), the authorship of the authorship, six years ago of the bloody coup attempt against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which left more than 250 deaths.

In the same order of ideas regarding the violence unleashed in the region around Kurdish activities, RIA Novosti He referred to the recent military operation against the Kurds launched by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC, elite units of the Iranian Armed Forces) in October, because Tehran believes that Kurdish groups based in Iraq are involved in the protests in the Islamic Republic.

In the Iranian operation in Iraq, which would put pressure on relations between border nations and add tension to the Middle East, Irgc ground and air forces assisted, and the Iranian military carried out precision strikes with the help of kamikaze planes and drones.

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