Pedagogical-productive fair held in schools and high schools in the country

Throughout the national territory, the Pedagogical and Productive Fair was held to show the advances in the production of goods and services, made in the country's high schools and schools.

The information was released on Tuesday by the Minister of Popular Power for Education, Eduardo Piñate, who pointed out that this activity took place in educational areas.

"(...) We are showing what our students are producing in technical and primary schools, productive high schools, educational missions such as Robinson and Ribas," he said.

In addition, the National Institute for Socialist Training and Education (Inces) participated, as well as art and trade schools, the minister added, AVN said.

Piñate explained that in the sample he was able to observe "everything they are producing", as a project for raising animals, planting fruit trees and medicinal plants

Likewise, he supervised the initiatives aimed at strengthening the textile, mechanical and metalworking areas; industrial and electronic card production, he highlighted.

This is a sample that represents middle and adult education; an initiative according to the close of the 2020-2021 school year, he added.

The Pedagogical and Productive Fair is held at the end of each school year, in which students, teachers and representatives participate.



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