Moldovan Prime Minister resigns amid imminent new government

Ion Chicu, Moldovan Prime Minister at the time of his resignation.

The Prime Minister of Moldova, Ion Chicu, announced his resignation and that of his government this Wednesday, which comes one day after the inauguration of the country's president-elect, Maia Sandu, which will also give way to the call for new elections parliamentarians.

"I discussed with the leaders of the country the steps necessary to hold early parliamentary elections, it is necessary to solve important problems in the country; In this regard, I proposed my resignation and that of the Government, ”Chicu explained to the local media.

He declared, in turn, that he will meet with the country's elected president, Maia Sandu, on December 23, in order to discuss how the executive will carry out its functions before the formation of a new Cabinet.

For his part, the current Moldovan president, Igor Dodon, described the resignation of the executive as timely; "We discussed this issue (with Chicu) and decided that it was time," he said.

The Moldovan parliament voted Chicu to be prime minister in November 2019, along with a government made up mainly of ministers who supported President Igor Dodon.

The resignation of Chicu and his Cabinet was one of the demands of the new president and the opposition, who seek to hold early legislative elections, and it was also expected that Parliament would debate a motion of no confidence against the government in its session on December 23 .

Earlier this month, around 20.000 protesters took to the streets in Chisinau to demand early elections after lawmakers passed a bill transferring control of the country's intelligence agency from the president to parliament.

The government's resignation comes one day before the end of Dodon's term as president.

President-elect Maia Sandu, who defeated Dodon in the November elections, will take office on December 24, Telesur reported.




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