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President Maduro greets the Dancing Devils of Venezuela

On the occasion of Corpus Christi, the head of state congratulated dancers, musicians and artisans who participated in the event recognized as intangible heritage of humanity.

This Thursday, on the occasion of the celebration of Corpus Christi, President Nicolás Maduro He greeted the Dancing Devils of Venezuela, and expressed his congratulations to those who participate in this cultural manifestation throughout the country.

"I'm stopping by to send greetings and a hug to all our beloved Dancing Devils of Venezuela today, Corpus Christi," said the head of state in an audio broadcast on social networks.

In this regard, he recalled that this demonstration was recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2012, and highlighted that with it the mestizo people The country's ordinary people raise the flags of good.

“The Dancing Devils of Venezuela, who with their color, with their strength, with their dances, with their rhythm, with their beautiful costumes, with their energy symbolize the fight of good against evil,” he expressed.

In his words he especially recognized the dancers, musicians and artisans who make masks and outfits.

Likewise, he recalled that the seventh vertex of the new generation Great Mission Viva Venezuela mi Patria Querida establishes the preservation, dissemination and strengthening of the entire Venezuelan tradition, and assured that with it the Venezuelan cultural heritage will continue to be made visible.

“Long live our dancing devils of Venezuela! Long live Venezuela, my beloved country! "Long live the creative powers of the people!" finally expressed the head of state.

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