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President Maduro delivers 5 million homes in Cabudare

The head of state highlighted the achievement of a goal that seemed impossible given the sanctions imposed against the country.

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, delivered the 5 millionth home, within the framework of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission social program, and he did so in the “Ernesto Ché Guevara” Urban Planning Commune located in Cabudare, Palavecino municipality in the Lara state, where 80 new multifamily homes were delivered.

“In the name of Commander Hugo Chávez, creator of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission, in the name of the glorious history that we have lived, of resistance, we deliver as a package, as property, the keys to apartment number 5 million, and we are going for 3 million more by 2030,” said the head of state.

The president entered the home of the beneficiary family and shared impressions with each of them, while giving a brief historical overview of what has been the hard struggle of this social program.

The “Che Guevara” Commune Urban Planning has recreational areas for adults, children and young people. Presidential Press Photo

“Commander Chávez was the one who planted this tree,” he said in reference to the creation of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission, and added that “they tried to cut down that tree.” “When they (the right) won the 2015 National Assembly, the first thing they wanted was to privatize the Great Venezuela Housing Mission, but they couldn't, because the living-Venezuelans took to the streets and stopped them,” he recalled.

He highlighted that Venezuela is the only country in the world that builds quality housing and delivers its housing as a historical right to the people, despite the fact that more than 930 coercive measures dictated by the United States and its allies weigh against the country.

Consolidate the family

The first combatant, Cilia Flores, who accompanied the president in the act of handing over homes, reflected that the Great Venezuela Housing Mission came to consolidate the home, the family.

“More than homes, they are homes for the family. Indeed, they have tried to attack the Venezuelan family with sanctions, with a blockade, with violence, but the united family, together with President Nicolás Maduro, has managed to reach 5 million homes delivered,” he commented.

For his part, the Minister of Housing, Ildemaro Villarroel, highlighted the progress of the self-construction housing program, which has accelerated the completion of many works that are already being delivered to their owners. He reported that currently there is 75% self-construction carried out by Popular Power

Subsequently, the national president, Nicolás Maduro, unveiled the commemorative plaque of the 5 millionth home and promised that by 2030, 3 million additional homes will be built and delivered.

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