Pompeo confesses theft of $ 40 million in gasoline

The Secretary of State pocketed Venezuelan money in an act of piracy. Courtesy photo

The Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, exposed the act of piracy carried out by the government of the United States, in the action carried out by the Department of State, in which they confessed to “stealing” 40 million dollars in fuel that the Islamic Republic of Iran would sell to Venezuela.

“@SecPompeo, Trump's State Pirate, boasts of stealing $ 40 million in fuel belonging to the Venezuelan people. It is the confession of a criminal who will undoubtedly face justice one day. Poetic justice will see him out of work in a few days. #GAMEOVER ”, the senior official wrote on his twitter account.

The complaint you mention was reflected in a trill from the State Department's own office on the same social network, which reads: “Secretary Pompeo: In August 2020, the United States seized fuel shipments from Iran to Venezuela. More than $ 40 million that went to our Fund for Victims of Terrorism, instead of to Maduro and representatives of terrorism.

Venezuela has been vigorously denouncing the illegal blockade that the United States imposed on its economy, but which is now being aggravated by criminal actions like this one, which are punished by international law.

The outgoing Donald Trump administration, along with a few remaining loyal officials, is in the eye of the hurricane for its many criminal actions throughout its four years in office, exacerbated recently by incitement to violence on Capitol Hill, that left a balance of five people dead.