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Pejorative speeches attack Venezuela

Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza denounced the "evident pejorative discursive consensus against the institutions of Venezuela" present in the oratory of the international right and highlighted how "they try to influence public opinion" present in the politics and media of the media. international right, as a way to rant against the Bolivarian government.

Through his Twitter account, the Foreign Minister condemned how Spain's Foreign Minister (Arancha González) insists on using the term “Maduro regime” ”in her campaign against Venezuela.

And the fact is that the Spanish Foreign Minister, during an interview this Friday with Rtve, referred to the national government as the “Maduro regime”, in an attempt to justify the contradiction that the Spanish Government, as well as others in Europe and America , at the same time recognize in the deputy to the National Assembly by Popular Will, Juan Guaidó, the figure of a head of government of a nation and leader of the opposition in that nation. In his explanation he limited himself to saying that it was an “old controversy… unnecessary”.

In contrast to González, Arreaza showed an extract from an interview granted by the recently deceased (May 16 of this year) Julio Anguita, who explained during an interview on the Spanish program La Sexta Noche, how the media of that European nation use the expression "regime of Venezuela" to try to compare the national government with a dictatorship because "someone says that you have to guide public opinion towards that."

Then he added that these speeches "are lines that are established and that have their last connection with the US State Department."

Anguita was a prominent Spanish teacher and politician and in his prolific public career, he stands out having been mayor of Córdoba between 1979 and 1986, general secretary of the Communist Party of Spain and general coordinator of the United Left in that Iberian nation.

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