Peace quadrants are reinforced in municipalities of Zulia state

More than four thousand members of the civic, military and police union will be deployed in the 21 municipalities of the state of Zulia to reinforce the 257 land and 8 lake peace quadrants, as part of the deployment of citizen security, reported G / D Manuel Castillo Rengifo, commander of the region's comprehensive defense operational zone (Zodi). 

Castillo Rengifo said that this deployment of reinforcement of the peace quadrants aims to establish and bring security and peace to the people of Zulia in all the municipalities of the entity. 

He stressed that more than 4006 military personnel will be attentive and alert to any eventuality, in order to defend sovereignty and the homeland, following the instructions of Ceofanb and the Western Integral Defense Region. 

For his part, Ricardo Lugo, secretary of security of the Government of Zulia, said that with this deployment of security in the region, security will be generated for the 21 municipalities, with the entire defensive system, Visipol, among others. 

G / B Erasmo Ramos Iriza, commander of zone command No. 11, G / B Eliecer Pereira Burgos of the Bolivarian police force Cpbez, Commissioner Raúl Primera of the Bolivarian National Police, was present at the deployment carried out from the Basilica of Chiquinquirá. and other security agencies of the state of Zulia. 

They will reinforce 257 peace quadrants, informed G / D Manuel Castillo Rengifo, commander of the Zodi of the region. 


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