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Panama records 435 voluntary returns of Venezuelans so far in 2022

Venezuelans who opt for voluntary return cannot enter Panama for 5 years

The Panama Migration statistics for the month of May 2022 report a total of 214 voluntary returns, of which 67 were granted to Venezuelans.

During the month of January, 139 Venezuelans requested voluntary return. In in February there were 76 registrations, in March 92, in April 61 and with the 67 of May add up to a total of 435 Venezuelans with expired stay to whom Panama Migration has authorized the measure of voluntary return so far in 2022.

Voluntary return is the authorization granted to the irregular migrant to leave the country, after payment of the corresponding administrative sanctions and the costs of transfer to the country of destination, provided that he or a third party assumes the costs of return.

For this, each State establishes a series of requirements that applicants must meet within a certain period and after that the government of the country, which in this case is Panama, will authorize the exit.

In the case of Panama, to obtain the voluntary return permit, Venezuelans must request it seven business days before their travel date or the date of their voluntary return, indicates the website of Panama Migration.

Irregular Venezuelans who apply for voluntary return are prohibited from entering Panama for five years, after which they can apply for a visa and if approved, they can enter again.

Colombia leads the Panama Migration Statistics of voluntary returns so far this year with a total of 483 registrations.

Similarly, Colombians lead the list of expulsions from Panama with 31 records, followed by Cuba with 9 and Mexico, Nicaragua and Venezuela with 5 each between the months of January to May 2022.

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