Pre-candidates of the Psuv seek the vote in the street

His tours of the five subregions of the state seeking the inclusion and reunification of the people of Miranda.

The pre-candidates of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), go through the municipalities of their entities, in order to listen to the people and their needs within the framework of the party's internal elections. Therefore, this Friday they have been activated in Miranda, Monagas and Amazonas.

Héctor Rodríguez summons the Afro-descendant force to defend unity

Defending the revolutionary unit, Héctor Rodríguez, requested this Friday the pre-candidate for the Government of Miranda for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), to the “Afro-descendant force” of the entity.

During a meeting with movements from this sector, he stressed the importance of organizing so as not to allow the state to once again become the epicenter of political violence, as the Venezuelan right has claimed.

“I am aware of my symbolic responsibility for being Afro-descendant, for being from Barlovente, and I tell you, I do not have a personal aspiration, I come to ask you as a militant to help me fulfill my task of uniting the Chavista people, organizing the Chavista people, to mobilize the Chavista people, not to allow Miranda to once again become a space of violence, of guarimba, not to back down, to use that force with which we have overcome difficulties to advance to times of prosperity. That force that allowed us to overcome difficult times is the same force that will take us to the best times, to the times of prosperity, he exclaimed from Tacarigua, Brión municipality.

The candidate, Héctor Rodríguez receives the proposals of the Mirandino people

Aurora Morales toured Miranda

The candidate, Aurora Morales, began her tours of the five subregions of the state seeking the inclusion and reunification of the people of Miranda.

From the La Mata community in the Cristóbal Rojas municipality (Charallave), Morales emphasized that when there is political will, everything can be solved.

He made such an assertion, after listening to the proposals of the leaders of the Grito de Independencia, Arañero de Sabaneta and Pablo Artiaga Communes, located in Charallave. "We seek unity, as revolutionaries we will never speak negatively of any compatriot," he said.

The candidate from the Mirandina governorate also met with the inhabitants of Ocumare del Tuy, at the Dr. Alberto Smith Educational Complex in the Tocuyito sector. Within the framework of the Open Primary Elections (EPA) of the Psuv, Morales also held a discussion in Plaza 19 de Abril in Araira, Bolívar parish, Zamora municipality, where he stated that the main engine of the changes is the people.

Before the artisans, cultists, community members, social sectors and revolutionary militants, the leader expressed her support for the people of Miranda. "Count that you will have enough support to work hand in hand with the national government and comply with all the demands that the people have."

Likewise, he appeared before the inhabitants of the Commander Hugo Chávez de Guatire Commune. While educators, women, professionals, cultists and revolutionary militancy of the Andrés Bello municipality also gave unrestricted support to the pre-candidacy of Aurora Morales. From Zone 6 of the José Félix Ribas sector in Petare Norte, Morales stressed that the future of communal cities is to promote Social Production Companies (EPS).

He assured that equality is fundamental, “which allows us to function in any scenario. We treat each other as equals, with humanism and ethics, without exclusion ”. He stressed that the people really want committed leaders, close and not distant. “We don't want to be elites, because that takes us away from the people. We want to remain the same, as well as Hugo Chávez. We have to raise hope.

Likewise, the candidate participated in a meeting with leaders of El Morro in the Sucre municipality, where she stated that "we have to see life positively and constructively."

Morales listens to the inhabitants. Photos: Courtesy Andrea Da Silva.

Pre-candidate Santaella holds meeting with oil workers

The re-election candidate Yelitze Santaella held a meeting this Friday with the oil workers of the Monagas state, with a view to the next internal elections of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv).

The activity took place in the Juana Ramírez auditorium of the PDVSA headquarters building in Maturín, where the candidate for mayor of the capital city, Ernesto Luna, was also present.

Santaella pointed out that the working mass has been strengthened thanks to the organizational processes undertaken by President Nicolás Maduro to dignify the "men and women of oil" and thus strengthen the industry.

For his part, the oil union representative, José Sánchez, assured that «we will continue to defend Venezuela's oil sovereignty, for this reason we assume the commitment to make the Revolution irreversible, participating on August 8 in the internal election, in which the Chavistas we will keep disciplined and united so as not to give room to the maneuvers of the right ».

Likewise, the candidate Luna said that the army of oil workers have made great efforts to maintain production levels. "Thanks to that workforce that does not faint even in times of a pandemic, Monagas produces 70 percent of Venezuela's oil production."

Compromise agreement

In the Cedeño municipality, located to the west of the eastern entity, the candidates for mayor for the Psuv signed this Friday a commitment agreement to fully comply with the electoral process and accept the results in revolutionary unity.

In this sense, the pre-candidates carried out in Caicara, Cedeño municipality of Monagas state, the signing of the act of commitment of the pre-candidates.

The candidate for the Governor of Monagas Yelitze Santaella together with the candidate Ernesto Luna stand in solidarity with the oil workers. Photo: courtesy Mildred Fuentes.

In Amazonas, candidates hold assemblies to listen to the people

The pre-candidates for the Psuv in the state of Amazonas travel the entity holding popular assemblies to debate with the people of Amazonia their needs, criticisms and proposals to the leadership.

Miguel Rodríguez, through the social network Instagram @gob_miguelr, expressed that after the signing of the agreement, on June 27, they have committed to tour the entity in a campaign with ethics and respect.

«We must regroup those who are dissatisfied for any reason, reunify, correct and meet again as brothers and sisters who defend the Bolivarian project, and we must also go much further, to win the heart and win the will of the majority of the Amazonian people, with a view to obtaining a new victory on November 21, "said the candidate Rodríguez.

He also indicated that they have met with the leaders of the Huotüja indigenous people, at the headquarters of the Indigenous Promotion and Self-Management Center (Cepai) in which leaders of the South, South East, North and Parguaza Axis participated.

“There we debated frankly and sincerely and concrete, viable and real proposals were defined to improve the living conditions, growth and development of our indigenous peoples. To review, correct and continue the construction of the New Amazon, "he said.

With information from the correspondents: Airamy Espejo, Greissy Marcano and Ámbar Eduardo.



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