Misión Nevado celebrates its anniversary with the Animalista Fair trail

Access to veterinary medicine went from being a privilege of a few who could sterilize and vaccinate their dogs, to a right that we have been strengthening through 33 free veterinary centers deployed in the 24 entities of the country thanks to the arduous and passionate work carried out to through the Nevado Mission.

Starting this Wednesday, January 12, Misión Nevado will initiate a series of events to celebrate its 8th anniversary and has developed in the main cities of the country a series of comprehensive veterinary medical care for our furry puppies.

Thus, the Animalista Party begins in Caracas with comprehensive veterinary care for dogs and cats in the Plaza Sucre del Casco Colonial de Petare from 10:00 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

At the event, there will also be activities such as: Expo Nevado, with the different programs of the Mission: Nevado Gourmet, Mucuchies, Training, Dog Training, Observatory for Animal Defense and against Species Abuse and Violence, a Leg for the Planet.

The Animal Emprende will also be present, an activity that brings together the Tinjacá Store and the Animal Entrepreneurship Fair that offer animal welfare products and services and offered by members of the animal movement.

Another service that will be developed in the activity is low-cost six-fold vaccination for pets.

Next Thursday the 13th the animal party will take place in the parking lot of the Waraira Repano Cable Car System (Ventel) at 11 in the morning,

On Friday 14, starting at 10 in the morning, the comprehensive veterinary care session will take place in the El Paraíso parish, at the headquarters of the General Command of the Bolivarian National Guard.

The Animalista Party of the 8th anniversary of Misión Nevado, will close the week with a mega day of comprehensive care that will be deployed in the Plaza La Candelaria, where additionally, at 11 in the morning, there will be a mass of blessing of the animals for the day of San Antonio Abad, patron saint of animal protectionists.

Entrepreneurs will also participate in the Expo Nevado on this day, with products and services at solidarity prices, especially made for our furry ones.

In the regions they are activated

In the regions, days of veterinary care and a discussion on the legal framework of the scope of mistreatment actions against animals will be held this Wednesday, January 12.

«We are the only country that has a national policy for the protection of animals. Generally, this issue is attributed only to municipalities that want to commit themselves to this cause. In contrast to this, the National Executive has used resources so that despite all the adversities, the furry people of the house have access to comprehensive care, "said Maigualida Vargas, president of the Nevado Mission.

In Guárico:

  • Campo Alegre sector, El Sombrero parish. 
  • Calabozo, Francisco de Miranda, main street Barrio Los Indios
  • Pedro Zaraza Municipality: Plaza El Médano
  • Juan Germán Roscio Municipality: El Totumo Socialist Missions Base, San Juan de Los Morros
  • Leonardo Infante Municipality: usb El Palmar, Easter Valley


San Fernando, Los Centauros Community


Bolivar Square in Tinaquillo


Central district of Barcelona, ​​seat of the government.

In the state of Miranda, the day of veterinary attention will be extended to Mariches, Chaguaramas, Santa Teresa and Valles del Tuy on January 12, 14 and 15 from 10 to 5 in the afternoon.