Moroccan migrants unleash riots on the border with Ceuta

The expelled migrants clashed with Moroccan security agents. Photo EFE

Some three hundred Moroccan migrants staged riots tonight and clashed with the police as they tried to get past the police station in Castillejos, almost a kilometer from the main road to the Spanish North African city of Ceuta.

As Efe was able to verify, the advance of riot control agents to push the migrants grouped on the coastal road, most of them minors, led to a brawl between the two groups when the migrants began to throw stones at the Moroccan forces and burn tires , which raised a thick smoke visible from far away.

They also burned the motorcycle of a state agent (known as a moqadem), in addition to repeatedly stoning the police vans stationed along the border.

Immediately, the migrants began to run everywhere, at the same time they tried to climb the Belyunesh hill that looks out over Ceuta to try to get closer to the border, but no one among them managed to get close to the main road that leads to Tarajal , the only regular point of access and where there is an important deployment of security.

Several kilometers from the place of these incidents, normal life does not seem to be affected, and a normal movement of cars and people is observed on the city's boardwalk, a social gathering point.

The unprecedented migration crisis in Ceuta shot up last Monday when a crowd of people, most of them Moroccans, pounced on the fences and the breakwater that separates Ceuta and Castillejos, managing to enter the autonomous city more than 8.000 people.

Of these, 5.600 have already been returned, but among the rest there are about 1.500 minors in the autonomous city. These figures are unprecedented in history.

This Wednesday the migratory pressure dropped substantially after the intervention of the Moroccan police, although the diplomatic crisis between Spain and Morocco remains unresolved.




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